Tyler the Creator of Odd Future Stops in SF

Tyler, The Creator, a standout member in rap group Odd Future, has had one of the biggest breakthroughs in rap music this year. Known for his raw and sometimes offensive lyrics, Tyler has created a cult-like following of fans and haters alike. Tyler and the rest of Odd Future took the stage at the Warfield Friday night, and the Foghorn got a chance to catch up with him after the show.

F: You won your VMA, what’s next?
T: I don’t know
F: Do you want a Grammy?
T: Oh yeah, I’ll get that eventually, I don’t know when though. I don’t want it right now, well I mean I want it now but I’ll get it.
F: Are you afraid of not doing everything you want?
T: No, I’ll do everything I say I will. I’m a believer. In that interview a year ago I said I was gonna get a VMA one day and I f- got it. Um, like I’ll do a song with Justin Bieber one day, I really wanna produce it. And what else do I want to do, I don’t know.
F: do you like SF?
T: (long pause) yes… but… nah you thought I’d say no… I love San Fran…
F: Not San Fran!
F: Do not call it San Fran!!!
T: What?
F: You lose so much cred when you say that. SF, the city, the bay, San Francisco, never San Fran.
T: Dude thank you so much for telling me. Well I f- love SF cause it’s like, half and half. It’s four….four different sections: its people that’s f- up already, its people looking to get f- up amongst people that are already f- up, its people that get people f- up amongst people looking to get f- up around people that’s already f- up. Then there’s normal people like us.
F: We’re a small subgroup.
T: Yeah and its cool out here.
F: Can you skate outside anymore without being chased?
T: Um I do at L.A in my hometown but we just went to New York like two weeks ago and like me, I walk to the store I don’t want anyone to go do it for me. They’re like “Tyler do you need anything want to me to walk to the store?” Like no I’ll do it. I realized after the VMA’s I was on a whole different level of fame. Like I can’t walk anymore.
F: And it’s not going to change now.
F: It’s only going to get worse.
T: My friends, I was like hey you wanna go get food and they were no I don’t wanna go no where with you, f- cant even walk anywhere. That s- actually hurt. And it’s my fault so I couldn’t be mad. So I just sit and watch Adventure Time. I think everyone thinks they’re Finn at heart that watches that show. F- Finn.
F: Do friends from high school ever hit you up now that you’re famous?
T: Like Jasper and Travis we never went to school together and I never really had friends at school. All the kids thought I was weird. Like they’ll hit me up and be like congratulations. Some kid hit me up the other day actually and was like “you’re still weird as f-, but it worked out”.
F: Did you graduate with good grades?
T: Actually I did, people think I’m a f- dumbass. Like f- freshman year I was honors English and remedial math. I’m pretty smart, I had AP English and shit, and honors chem sophomore year. I failed math cause I didn’t really care. I kept the classes’ I cared about grades up.
(girl crying and yelling outside: this whole odd future thing was my idea!)
F: How do you deal with groupies?
T: They are the most annoying s- ever…oh my gosh…the thought of it’s cool as s-…you would think it’d be fun to have a 1,000 girls chase you. When I do meet girls that are fans, but not throwing themselves, it is cool.
F: Is “hip hop dead”?
T: I f- hate like, sayings like that. It’s just music to me. Like I hate people “hip hop’s dead I only listen to underground hip hop no one knows about oh you listen to mainstream I f- hate mainstream.” Like I hate that s- so much, so no, hip hop isn’t dead, music isn’t dead, it’s just music. On my next album I’m gonna make the music I listen to. Like you go to my recently added, no rap. Like it’s weird. I just like to rap I don’t listen to it. I listen to f- Kenny G. My next album is gonna be, like I might lose f- fans. Not die hard fans they will love that s-.

After exchanging music taste and making some recommendations to each other, we left as Tyler was greeted by screaming fans that had been waiting outside over an hour. After the show, T and his friends headed off to skate, then wake up early for their next show in Portland, Oregon.


3 thoughts on “Tyler the Creator of Odd Future Stops in SF

  1. Wait you interviewed tyler the creator…IN SAN FRANCISCO…and failed to ask him about his calling people FAGGOT 200+ times in his last album.

    Duh. missed the lede.

  2. great article! I think you asked some great questions. I LOVE ODD FUTURE!! Wolf Gang!

    I think if you did ask him about the use of the word Faggot it would be kind of inappropriate for this paper and it would be off topic since you were talking about his past, present, and future. If you really want to know why he uses that word so much google it… Im sure it will come up.

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