Up Close and Personal: Melissa’s Top Tracks

I’ve been writing this mixtape column for a year and a half composing mixes for bus rides, finals week and picnics and hitting genres like hip hop, alternative rock and oldies. After giving so many recommendations for songs to check out, I think it’s time to get personal. For this mix, I’m sharing some of my most listened to tracks. Since I don’t want to repeat artists, I’ve picked the most listened to song from my most listened to artists. They come from diverse artists in many different genres. Of course, this is only songs played on iTunes, so none of my vinyl collection will be in here. If you’ve liked my taste in music in past mixes, check out these songs that I hold dearest.

1) “Born to Run” by Bruce Springsteen off of “Born to Run” (I’m aware this song has made it on many, many mixes. But I have it tattooed on my arm, so clearly it’s important.)

2) “Silver Tiles” by Matt & Kim off of “Demo”

3) “Halo” by Beyonce off of “I Am…Sasha Fierce”

4) “The Vowels, Pt. 2” by Why? off of “Alopecia”

5) “July, July!” by the Decemberists off of “Castaways and Cutouts”

6) “Old College Try” by the Mountain Goats off of “Tallahassee”

7) “Me and Mia” by Ted Leo & the Pharmacists off of “Shake the Sheets”

8) “Under Pressure” by Queen and David Bowie off of “Classic Queen”

9) “Just Like Heaven” by The Cure off of “Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me”

10) “Blue Letter” by Fleetwood Mac off of “Fleetwood Mac”

11) “Burnout” by Green Day off of “Dookie”

12) “Here’s Your Future” by the Thermals off of “The Body, The Blood, The Machine”

13) “Exodus Damage” by John Vanderslice off of “Pixel Revolt”

14) “Space Oddity” by David Bowie off of “Best of Bowie”

15) “Here Comes Your Man” by the Pixies off of “Doolittle”

16) “We Will Become Silhouettes” by the Postal Service off of “Give Up”

17) “Night Moves” by Bob Seger off of “Greatest Hits”

18) “Mamma Mia” by ABBA off of “ABBA Gold”

19) “A Movie Script Ending” by Death Cab for Cutie off of “The Photo Album”

20) “Any Way You Want It” by Journey off of “Departure”


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