USF Artist of the Week: Circus Season

The USF-based alt-rock band Circus Season is breaking into San Francisco’s music scene, playing venues from Brick + Mortar to Bottom of the Hill. With Brandon Do on vocals and guitar, Nick Eremsta on bass, Alex Tatman on guitar and live show drummer Vincent Dalabahan, Circus Season is making a name for itself. It all began in 2015 when three freshman Gillson Hall residents decided to start jamming together. Now, as juniors, they have found themselves getting ready to release an EP titled, “Say Hello Wave Goodbye.” Circus Season will be performing at Bottom of the Hill next Wednesday, April 4. This venue is 21 and over.


How did Circus Season come together?

Do: It all started on 8th floor Gillson. I came to USF really wanting to start a band. It was when I first met Nick.

Eremsta: Actually, this was even before we met each other. It was on the Facebook USF page.

Do: Nick was like “Yo! I would like to start a band, make some music, or jam.” And I went into the comment section and was like “I’m with you, bro!”. The first time I met Nick in person was at a little bonfire party at Ocean Beach, and after that, Nick kept coming by 8th floor Gillson because he was studying with his friend, and would always happen to stop by. I showed him my little studio I had set up in my dorm room. The first time I met Tat (Alex), they came over to Gillson one night for a little dinner me and my buddies were cooking in the Gillson basement and he was like, “Hey! Let’s jam sometime.” Ever since then, Nick and I have just been coming up with tunes. We’ve gone through different lineups, but me, Alex, and Nick are like the prime right now – the solid core.


Who are your inspirations?

Do: Mine are more pop-rock: Two Door Cinema Club, Wombats, Phoenix, Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand. If I went deep, deep into my background, I grew up with Green Day, skate-punk stuff, and then I just ventured onto indie.

Tatman: My favorite band growing up was always Rise Against. They have been my favorite band of all time.

Eremsta: My influence was more in older stuff, like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Incubus, a little bit of Jimmy Eat World and rest in peace to them, Linkin Park. They were honestly my favorite band.


What advice do you have for other USF artists?

Tatman: One of the most awesome classes ever is Rock Band. It’s where a lot of bands start and it was super fun. Just use the school, because the school has a lot of awesome events where they love to have bands perform. Also, CAB open mic nights are an awesome place to start. I think students here are really interested and love to see what other people are passionate about. Even voice memos, like a little recording – put it on instagram. I love listening to that stuff.

Featured Photo: Circus Season’s popularity is on the rise, with their upcoming EP “Say Hello Wave Goodbye.” SCARLETT ZHANG


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