USF Artist of the Week: Sage Hapke, Author of “Poems from a Queer Heart”

Sophomore critical diversity studies major Sage Hapke’s first-ever poetry book, “Poems from a Queer Heart,” is available to buy at Dog Eared Books in the Castro and the Mission. See what went into writing “Poems from a Queer Heart” and how Hapke first started writing poetry through a USF retreat.


So, tell me about the book.

SH: It’s focused on my experience as a queer trans woman in the city. I wrote it from September to December when a lot of stuff was changing. I started doing hormones, I started seeing different people, and I try to reflect that in the book. It’s split up into four sections: birth, learning, love and death. So I try to set it up like a life sequel, but also show the different emotions and stuff that I go through.


How did you get into poetry?

SH: I’m part of the Esther Madriz Cohort, and we went on a retreat in late August. One of the icebreakers was a poetry and rapping activity. That was the first time I ever had to share, and everyone was like, “Oh my gosh! This is so good.” So I felt more comfortable writing. Then I performed at Lyricist Lounge. Then everything just happened.


What advice do you have for other USF artists?

SH: Specifically, if people are looking for poetry, I would say go to Lyricist Lounge, because there are so many different resources of people there. USF Speaks and the Cultural Centers and other artists that are trying to create work, those are the spaces I found that were super helpful. Meeting people there, I was able to perform at the Asian Art Museum, which was really cool. I wouldn’t have had that had I not met those people.


Featured Photo: Author of Poems of a Queer Heart, Sage Hapke find her voice in writing poetry.  


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