USF Athletic Director Debra Gore-Mann Resigns

University of San Francisco Athletic Director Debra Gore-Mann has decided to resign from her position in order to explore other opportunities, according to The move marks the dawn of a new day for USF athletics. Her resignation will become effective starting Sept. 17. The USF athletic department will start a nationwide search to hire a new athletic director, but in the meantime Vice President of Business and Finance Charles Cross, who also oversees the Athletic Department will take over for Gore-Mann. The move to step down was a bit of surprise considering that Gore-Mann was named the athletic director in 2006 and that many programs have been on the rise or have named a new coach, such as Women’s basketball.

In a statement that was released to every USF student and was also placed on Gore-Mann said the following, “I wish to thank the University for giving me the opportunity to provide leadership for USF Athletics during the last four years,” Gore-Mann said. “It was very rewarding working with the coaches, student-athletes, families, staff and alumni. USF has excellent coaches in place and I wish USF Athletics continued success both academically and athletically.”

Although Gore-Mann’s tenure was a short one, she installed many values into the athletic department that should continue to last. After being hired Gore-Mann made a commitment to improve the academic success of the USF athletic department, and she definitely succeeded in following through with that commitment. Throughout her tenure numerous Dons were named to the WCC all-academic teams in nearly every sport, which is a great accomplishment for the program. The success in the classroom did not always translate on the field or court but Gore-Mann started to resurrect the athletic program and she has set it up for the next Athletic Director to continue to improve upon her great work.

Gore-Mann made history in 2006 when she became the first-ever female Athletic Director at USF and only the third overall female to ever hold that position in the WCC. She accomplished a lot at USF and improved the program both athletically and academically. She had a strong vision for the program and she successfully followed that vision.

Besides helping USF improve, Gore-Mann along with the other Athletic Directors in the WCC helped improve the competitiveness in the conference. The WCC will only continue to improve with the addition of BYU. Although the WCC may never become a power conference such as the SEC, Pac-10 or ACC, it is certainly on the rise and as an Athletic Director Gore-Mann had a lot to do with that. Hopefully the next Athletic Director will be able to continue to improve USF athletics and rebuild it into a top program once again. It will be difficult to continue the success Gore-Mann has had, especially in the classroom.

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13 thoughts on “USF Athletic Director Debra Gore-Mann Resigns

  1. I agree with Staffan. Debra Gore-Mann was nothing but an embarrassment to USF. The way she handled the Evans fiasco to tarnishing USF’s image. The only right thing she did was hire Rex. Happy to see her leave. Hopefully it is a new beginning for USF Athletics.

  2. I didn’t know Debra Gore-Mann’s Pseudonym was Matt Steinbach.
    DGM = Problems & Lawsuits at Stanford & USF. Alienating the alumni. Never communicated with student atheletes. Firing loyal Athletic Dept. staff (Greg Sempadian) to name just one. I could go on & on, but I should not waste my breath on such a terrible person.

  3. Say what you want about the way she handled certain situations but the fact is the athletic department is in much better shape now than it was when she took over. Academics may not mean much to any of you but the USF athletic department had a horrible reputation before Gore-Mann took over, she at least cleaned that up. Yea most of the teams (specifically basketball) were unsuccessful when she took over but look at what golf, mens soccer, volleyball, baseball and cross country did when she was here. But she was responsible for hiring Rex Walters and Jennifer Azzi, who are both awesome hires that will continue to improve the basketball program. Just look at the big picture and you can see some good that she did.

  4. Did Gore-Mann write this herself? This is the most pathetic piece of “journalism” I have ever read.

    There is no mention of her disastrous “firing” of Jessie Evans that almost led the Men’s basketball team to excinction. There is no mention of how hated Gore-Mann was and how she ran out very popular, loyal members of the department.
    No mention of her pimping the Men’s coaching job to the Pump Brothers and Eddie Sutton.

    And why was the lawsuit by Evans, caused by Gore-Mann not mentioned? Did you not think a million dollar payoff to Evans CAUSED BY GORE-MANN was not worthy or reporting?

    Wow. Just wow.

  5. One more thing Mr. Steinbach. Gore-Mann was NOT responsible for hiring Rex. A panel was set up to do that job, led by former coach Jim Brovelli.

    They knew, even then, that DGM could not be trusted to pick anyone other than a friend or cronie. She was specifically eliminated from the process of hiring the men’s coach. That was the first sign that she would not be asked back when her contract expired. In fact, she actually wanted another guy for the job. Rex Walters was hired in spite of her.

    Please check your facts.

  6. Yes there was a committee that helped bring Walters in but that committee worked alongside Gore-Mann. You’re telling me that some committee had more power in hiring a coach than an Athletic Director? Please, that’s just ignorant. Gore-Mann as the Athletic Director has the final say in all hirings, that (was) her job. Yeah, the Evans situation was handled poorly but look at the basketball team now. They’re on the rise, bringing in talented recruits and creating some buzz around campus. Firing Evans was the right move, if you watched the team in his last year you would see why. Look, this is just my opinion on what she did while she was here. The program has improved over the past 4 years both athletically and academically. If you disagree I invite you to submit something to the Foghorn and step aside from a screen name where its easy to criticize.

  7. Matt,

    I think you offered your opinion in a respectful way but you also need to understand that some view this article as a “puff” piece toward DGM. I have always read the Foghorn and will continue to do so. I just believe that DGM had her own agenda and that USF did not always stand at the forefront of that agenda.

    Max Sherman
    Class of 2009

  8. DGM had ZERO role in hiring Rex. Ask Jim Brovelli and ask Mario Prietto. They were both members of the search committee. She was not consulted. She did not want Rex.

    You (or someone else) wrote a puff piece for DGM and you got caught.

    You did not check your facts.

  9. True of fales? Did you base this artice on a list of “accomplishments” provided to you by Deborah Gore-Mann or her husband?

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