USF Honors 1951 Dons Football Team, Awards Scholarships to Athletes

10.20.11 Foghorn 7

On October 8, University of San Francisco and the USF Athletic Department honored the members of the 1951 Dons football team. This team went “undefeated, untied and uninvited” after they denied an invitation to the Orange Bowl under the conditions that they left their African American players at home. In attendance at the ceremonial brunch were legendary players Bill Henneberry, Ralph Thomas, Bob St. Clair, Joe Scudero and Dick Colombini (pictured below with coach Rex Walters).

St. Clair was just one of the teammates to go on to have a professional football career with the 49ers and was also inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. Both Bob St. Clair and Bill Henneberry gave speeches about their memories from the team and what they stood for.

The event also featured presentations of three scholarships awarded to USF student athletes. Meritt Peterson (women’s soccer) and Cody Doolin (men’s basketball) received the Coach Joe Kuharich Scholarship, named after the legendary coach of the 1951 Dons.

Perris Blackwell, another men’s basketball player, received the Father “Jim” Giambastiani Scholarship.

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  1. Ha, great picture! Good to see such a reunion. Seems like they where a pretty good team back then and it allways good to see a reunion of such a succesful team

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