USF Students Host Live Bands at Clement

Grocery shopping is a necessity; some would even call it a chore. We’re all painfully familiar with the routine; hunt around for a reusable bag to avoid the ten cent surcharge, pop in some headphones to drown out shopper-chaos and pray you don’t have to stare down anyone for the last box of your favorite snack. But what if grocery shopping was an experience, not a task? With live music and cheery “Hellos!”, that is exactly what the Clement Street Farmer’s Market accomplishes. Last Sunday, students from USF media organizations KUSF, USFtv and the Foghorn organized live music to play at the market. The musicians included Elise Tayag and Jon Abello (both USF students) and San Jose-based band Till I Fall. The event was part of the media studies workshop’s final project.


Elise Tanyag and Jon Abello, who met while auditioning for USF’s acapella group SIX Voices, sang and beat-boxed over acoustic guitar and piano in the middle of the market. San Jose alternative pop-rock band, Till I Fall, also jammed for market-goers.


By far, the biggest fans of the artists were little kids shopping with their parents. Three of these kids, Genevieve, Lalou and Augie, sat crisscrossed on the street, heads bopping to Tanyag’s floating vocals. “Every song is my favorite. I like that the girl plays the guitar and the piano,” Genevieve said.


Parents of two, Elizabeth and Eddie Harrison, stopped to let their oldest daughter, Eva, dance to the music of Tanyag and Abello. Eddie graduated from USF in 2012 and still brings his two children to USF’s community garden to play on the weekends. Elizabeth said her family makes it out to the Clement Market every week.


Brandon Leland, lead singer for Till I Fall, appreciated the little kids who crowded around his band’s performance. “We had a show at Art Boutiki last night and there a bunch of high school sophomores and juniors — you know those all-age shows. So it’s kind of the same thing,” said Leland.


Sometime in the next two weeks, USFtv will post videos from the Clement Street Farmer’s Market, and KUSF will broadcast interviews with Tanyag.


Featured Photo: Elise Tanyag and Jon Abello perform at the Clement St. Market. Chloe Jackson/FOGHORN.


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