USF to Co-Host Media Conference on Making a More Democratic Media

“The Point is to Change It” 

     Do you care about the war in the Middle East? About solving America’s high unemployment rates and rising student debts? About bringing a positive change to our increasingly fragile environment? Then you should attend The Union for Democratic Communications and Project Censored Conference 2013, says Media Studies Professor Dorothy Kidd.

“We all know that there’s a number of urgent global crises,” said Kidd, later adding, “however it’s almost impossible to solve any of these problems without a more democratic media that better represents everyone and their needs, [and] not just the status quo of the 1%.”

The USF-sponsored conference, entitled “The Point is to Change It: Media Democracy and Democratic Media in Action,” brings together researchers, academics, and media justice activists from across the world to speak in over forty panels and six multi-media presentations on the importance and methods behind creating a more democratic media.

Kidd will be presenting at the conference this weekend, along with other USF faculty and students. Also presenting are keynote speakers Daniel Ellsberg (independent writer and activist) and Davey D (hip-hop historian and Host of Hard Knock Radio on KPFA/Pacifica Radio) on Friday evening.

All USF students, faculty and staff are invited to attend all panels, multi-media presentations and Friday evening keynotes for free.

Panelists will investigate the pressing problems of corporate and government-controlled media; showcase the best of independent, alternative media; and share their latest methods in media education.

Students will benefit from the panels that bring up subjects students deal with everyday, from social media to online piracy, from immigration to news reporting or gender violence, said Kidd.

Also in the conference program — a USF student panel discussing media democracy at USF, an interactive mash-up performance from students at St. Lawrence University, and a stand-up comedy performance about media criticism by Ron Placone.

“There’s an urgent need to discuss how to make a more democratic media. Every day we hear more revelations about U.S. government spying on citizens and allies; and how the big Silicon Valley media corporations are also surveying us intensively, in order to send us even more advertising junk. There’s several panels on both of those problems.”

Attend the event for free this weekend November 1-3, 2013 at USF’s Fromm Hall and other Hilltop Campus Locations. For further information, contact Professor Dorothy Kidd ( or go to:


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