USF: University of Single Females

As my time at USF is winding down, I write to you my final article for the San Francisco Foghorn. I feel it is my duty as a single female at USF to pass along the knowledge I have accumulated while at USF to my fellow Lady Dons. Some girls like the single life. Being alone or having a non-committed relationship is lifestyle choice for some people and it is their preference. But what about the rest of us who are looking for someone to be with to hold a steady, meaningful relationship?

Over my years at USF I have observed the women that go here and have found that most are frustrated when it comes to dating. For every two males on campus there are 10 females making the pool to find that special someone small. And in that small pool USF women find men who are not of the same sexual orientation or are in a committed relationship. Many of those guys who are single plan to stay that way. Some women hang on to their high school boyfriends and try the long distance relationship, but those who did not enter college with their high school sweetheart are up for a challenge.

So what do we do? Should we become bitter and give up? To my surprise I find that giving up isn’t on the minds of USF women, desperation is. Saying yes to any guy who asks them out seems to be the routine. I am not an innocent party to this theory. Needless to say by agreeing to these dates that normally do not have a follow-up I have managed to rack up some pretty funny stories. Like the one about my date who ended up being a drug dealer, or the one who ended up being engaged, or even the one who took me to Hooters and made me pay for his meal along with my own. Unfortunately, those are the type of men us single females have to chose from. I was smart enough to end it after the first date, but some USF girls choose to look past flaws like the ones I encountered and instead choose to settle.

We should not strive for the bottom of the barrel, ladies. If there is something wrong with your man that seems to make you question whether or not you should have a relationship with him, it’s probably better that you don’t. I am not saying be a nit-picker but if he has a substance problem, or has been convicted of a felony, or maybe he has the worst hygiene and it is a problem for you, don’t look past it, move on. The mentality that has grown with USF women is that a single heterosexual man is hard to come by and when one does you should hold on for dear life. But every girl has standards and we should not settle for less than what we think we deserve.

I’m telling you to have faith. After you come home from another horrible date and drown your sorrows with Ben and Jerry and get over it, get back out there. It’s easy to let your mind become bitter, but don’t. I have had my share of disaster dates and I know that there aren’t many men here to choose from, but I think of the good dates that I did have during my time in San Francisco and I had them because I kept a positive attitude. Closing yourself off to another person because of a few bad dates will only leave you where you were at the end of that last date – dateless. Taking chances on people sometimes leads us in the right direction and that person could make you very happy.


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