USFFA and Administration Reach Agreement, Fall Break Instated

On Wednesday Oct. 29, the University of San Francisco Faculty Association reached and agreed upon the terms of the contract that the University set before them. 

The new contract was put to a vote and passed unanimously; the faculty and administration were equally satisfied that an agreement has finally been reached.

There are four main additional benefits in the contract for USF faculty.  The first is a commuter benefit, which will be increased in the first year by $15 to total $50 and it will be increased by $10 to total $60 in the second year.  Secondly, faculty will receive a 4.5 percent salary increase this year in addition to an increase based on the Consumer Price Index, plus 3/8 percent.  Faculty may also see additional salary increases through the Steps program which compensates faculty based on seniority. 

Thirdly, to support faculty with small children and those wanting children, there is a 10 percent childcare subsidy increase in the first year and a 5 percent increase the following year.

In addition, there is a new $2,000 adoption benefit that the university will provide in order to offset adoption fees and costs.  The last aspect of the agreement benefits students as well as faculty.  Starting in the fall of 2009, like many other universities, USF will institute a two-day fall break, which will be on Monday and Tuesday in the first or second week of October.  During this short break, librarians can take one paid day off.

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