USFtv and Ignatian Kick Off New Year

Monday night was big for campus media at USF: crowds of enthusiastic students gathered at two different events being hosted on campus by both USFtv and the Ignatian Literary Magazine.

In Crossroads Café, USFtv was hosting their season premiere party. In only their fourth year, the young organization was showing signs of growth and vitality. A large audience gathered around the big-screen to watch what should have been the season premiere. However, due to technical difficulties, the new programming was not able to air. Nonetheless, content producers and fans alike watched the programming that has been playing over the summer, not seeming to mind the lack of new material.

“Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves,” said Nina Sasson, co-director of public relations for USFtv. “We’re having a really great attendance.” Programming director Alex Platt agreed, “This is the most people we’ve ever had at a premiere.”

Platt shared her excitement for the upcoming season: “We’re focusing a lot more on quality,” she said, “Making sure it not just exists, but also looks good.”

Technical difficulties aside, the cablecast is now viewable on channel 35 on any campus television, and will be playing continuously on the new flat screens as well. USFtv programming can also be viewed on their YouTube site,

Meanwhile in McClaren Hall, the Ignatian Literary Magazine was hosting their first ever open mic night, meant to encourage student creativity and raise awareness of the magazine. “Anything we can do to get the word out that we’re alive and well,” said Editor in Chief Anna Shajirat.

Musicians, poets and comedians gathered to share their latest material with a sizable crowd of supporters.

Senior Sky Madden, was getting ready to perform in her two-person band, Women of the Tenderloin, eager to premiere her new song “The Biggest Party Ever, Heath Ledger.” Madden said, “I just wanted to show off. I’m extremely self-centered.” She added, “It was also an opportunity to support the Ignatian.”

Though it was the first ever event of its kind, Shajirat looked toward the future, “We hope to have these monthly, and start collaborating with Poetic Engagement, the new slam poetry club.”
The Ignatian is an annual literary magazine that publishes student produced fiction, non-fiction, poetry and visual art. Their submission deadline for the 2009 issue is Oct. 20. Submissions can be sent to

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