VOL 120, ISSUE 20 – April 27th, 2023


3 thoughts on “VOL 120, ISSUE 20 – April 27th, 2023

  1. Those are some great made up stats Sophia, no self-respecting scientist would say life begins at conception tho 😀

  2. Justifying a baby conceived from rape is such an absurd argument. It completely ignores the actual individual that was a victim of this crime, and what type of impact it would have on someone to keep the baby of someone she was raped by. Regardless of how the baby was conceived, it should still be a choice especially if an individual knows that she is not fit to support a baby. Sophia states “they deserve access to the health care, child care, and support that they need to raise their kid” and everyone does deserve this access but it’s very clear that not everyone has this access and is a completely invalid argument made by her.

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