Ways to Save Money


If you had asked me how I was saving money last year, well, I wouldn’t have had an answer for you. I don’t remember the economy being as bad as it is now. Obama is calling it the “second depression,” I just call it plain “crazy.”

I’m a sophomore here at the University of San Francisco. Last year I had the pleasure of being able to drive around San Francisco, my car was on campus. Last year I didn’t take the bus around the city much. I would just jump in the car with my friends and “go.” Around that time gas was so expensive. You all have got to remember the headlines in the newspaper that stated gas would eventually reach $5.00, and it pretty much did. So there I was, this young naïve freshman driving friends around and not collecting any gas money from anyone. I soon turned broke and decided that investing in a bike and leaving my car at home would be the best idea. This semester I didn’t have that leisure. I bought a road bike, a refurbished Miyata from the 80’s to be exact. She is my pride and joy. Now, if I need to get to work or any outings I simply hop on the bus or my bike (depending on the weather and the time of day).

It’s hard adjusting to being “car-less” but I definitely managed. There is always an urge to bring my car back, and easily have access to locations without having to wait around for muni, but then…I reach down for my wallet and notice more money and the thought of having a car is soon non-existent. Since returning my car I have discovered Cal-Train, the most efficient transportation from San Jose to San Francisco. It’s only $6.00 to ride and you don’t have to worry about being caught in traffic, ever! Living in San Francisco has caused me to become more aware of saving money and “going green. So taking the bus or riding my bike is the best alternative.

On another note, Christmas is right around the corner. Many people are trying to find the best gifts, while spending less money. So, my family and I decided to collectively spend half the amount of money we would normally spend on one another. My mom understands that my brother, sister, and I are all college students and have low funds, so she figured this would be a nice way to save money, while trying to come up with unique gifts that fit our budget. I think it’s kind of cute, and I’m anxious to see what everyone comes up with. I’ll be tempted to spend a lot of money on my mother, just because she is my mom, but who knows, I might find a really good deal somewhere.
-Amanda Rivas

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