“What Do You Think About the Ice Bucket Challenge?”

Kianna Fernandez

Staff Writer


Sophomore Alexandria Hofer

“I think it is nice to raise awareness. I didn’t know what ALS was until people started doing this. I do understand that some people have a problem with it since California is in a drought. It is all about making a statement and raising awareness.”

Sophomore Gabriella McDaniel

gabriella“Honestly, I don’t care enough about the debate. It is great as it has raised so much money and awareness about something that would not normally have awareness brought to it. The debate over us being in a drought and wasting water is somewhat stupid.”

Junior Mohak Singh

mohak“I think it is pretty pointless. People shouldn’t be obligated to do something they didn’t sign up for. I actually posted something on my Facebook about how we’re in a drought and we’re wasting water on stupid stuff like this. I would rather take a shower or drink water than pour ice-cold water on myself. I don’t know how this is helping anyone. You could get sick, miss classes, and have to take medicine. I got challenged and refused to do it.”

Freshman Connor Mccombs

connor“I think it is a great way to raise awareness for such a big medical issue. It raises money and gives everyone a good laugh. You tag your friends on Facebook and if they don’t do it they donate $10 or more.”


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