What’s Up in the San Francisco Blogosphere?

Walk into most coffee shops, libraries, or ìcooperative work spacesî and youíll undoubtably see at least a couple stick-thin bloggers immersed in the Adobe Creative Suite. While itís difficult not to be jealous of the flexible hours spent in front of MacBook Pro, these laptop warriors work hard to be sure that their readers are well fed, entertained and inspired. Here are a few of my favorites as a starting point to exploring a SF that you might not have known existed.

When was your last game of Berlin-style ping pong? If the answer is more than a couple weeks ago, then MissionMission’s Allan Hough would like to have a few words with you.
“Gentrified” or not, the Mission district has arguably the most parties, fixies and fusion-y foods one can find in our great city — and Hough somehow manages to keep tabs on of it all with the assistance of a handful of co-authors. Drag yourself to Ritual Roaster, pull up Mission Mission, and catch up on the saga of the disappearing Valencia Swing!

Any good San Franciscan has a favorite spot to pick up one of uncomfortably large, foil-wrapped gifts from god — BURRITOJUSICE suggests a few new places to try in addition to plenty of stories to read while as you wallow in your food coma. For more than a few laughs, follow @burritojustice on Twitter too and remember, “The burrito is a servant of mankind. The foil is your friend, it wants to help you.”

For those fortunate enough to afford a place in the Lower Haight, Andrew Dudley’s Haighteration needs to be your go-to for one of SF’s most desirable neighborhoods.
Weekly posts of “Where in the Lower Haight” and “Leftovers” have quite the following among the infamously smug residents, who seek answers to big questions like “When will our Three Twins return” or “Is Peacock Lounge really a sketchy drug front?”
Self-described as “an experiment in local discovery,” The Bold Italic works hard to share more than local news with their quirky in-depth features — and if nothing else, is beautifully designed. One adventure follows a Miss Kelly Malone as she dives head first into the overwhelming world of faux-frocks in her piece “Unbeweavable”. Malone may have had the wisdom of a drag queen to navigate the topic, but I can almost promise that you’ll get lost stunning photos, illustrations and stories delivered by the wonderful team at The Bold Italic.

Take Scott Shuman’s The Sartorialist, mix in a few vintage sweaters from Mission Thrift and throw it all under the California sunshine and you have Fashioni.st. Follow photographer and blogger Mai as she captures daily street style with the San Francisco edge that sets us apart from other cities. Who knows, maybe you’ll catch yourself on the site one day… or at least get some inspiration to out-dress that one girl in your Ethics class.

You are young, broke and beautiful. It’s time to skip that party in the Outer Richmond for something a pinch more adventurous. Let broke-ass Stuart make the most of your thinning checking account. Unlike many of the blogs covered in this article, broke-ass isn’t centered around a specific neighborhood, so it can be perfect for finding cheap fun close to campus. And for those readers that are 21+, Stuart himself has been known to serve up tasty libations like the Pickle Back at Dear Mom down in Potrero Hill.


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