Who is Gorsuch?


Neil Gorsuch is a justice on the tenth circuit based in Colorado and current Trump nominee to the Supreme Court. He is still awaiting nomination, as Democrats filibustered his hearing this Monday.


Here’s what we know about Justice Gorsuch. He was nominated to the tenth circuit by President George Bush. The tenth circuit is a federal appeals court, just below the Supreme Court. There are only 94 other justices in these appellate courts so the office is held in high esteem.

Compared to other Supreme Court nominees, we know little about Gorsuch’s opinions on hot-button issues. We do know that Gorsuch opposes assisted suicide and euthanasia, as written in his book “The Future of Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia.” He sided with Hobby Lobby to restrict their employee’s access to birth control and other contraceptives. He has never made any rulings on gun-rights issues or LGBT issues.


TL;DR Neil Gorsuch is a conservative SCOTUS nomination, but not as conservative as Antonin Scalia was. Gorsuch has not made rulings on the controversial issues we see reported on like gay marriage or gun laws. But we do know some about how he feels on contraceptive laws and euthanasia.


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