Women’s triathlon finishes season strong

Katherine Badham, Hannah Weymueller, and Elizabeth Moore smile after completing competition on Oct. 19. @USFDONSTRIATHLON/INSTAGRAM

The women’s triathlon team finished off their season with a series of strong performances at the NCAA Women’s Collegiate Triathlon National Championship over the weekend.

Head coach Gina Kehr spoke about the final meet of the team’s inaugural season, saying, “I thought we did the best we have done. This season has definitely been challenging. In this first season, we were figuring everything out as we went so there were some ups and downs throughout the year, but the Dons came together in the last couple of weeks.” 

The Dons were lead by Kathrine Badham (clocking in at 1:10:37), who finished 14th overall, performing exceptionally well in the biking and running portions of the race. Next for the Dons was Elizabeth Moore at 1:15:07, finishing in 25th place, who was followed by Louise Nielsen at 1:27:51, finishing in 29th place. Nielsen’s time was even more impressive given that it was her first-ever triathlon, with Kehr noting that it was a “… strong day across the board for [Nielsen].” 

Kehr spoke to the magnitude of the moment for the triathlon team, noting that it was the first time that the USF triathlon team was on the start line at an NCAA championship.

The triathlon team also welcomed seven new athletes to their fold on signing day. Joining the Dons are Kira Gupta-Baltazar, Gillian Cridge, Hayley Diemer, Molly Elliot, Maddie Perkins, Chloe Ramirez, and Hannah Ye.  

“They are ready to train and race with a team of like-minded athletes with a common team goal,” Kehr said. “They know pushing each other and empowering each other to bring their best daily is the answer to success. Together, with our current roster, they want to be part of something special as well as be a force in the sport and fight to bring USF a national championship.”

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