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  1. Hello, my names Tula Borges I’m a freshman here at USF and I was wondering how I could publish an article in the foghorn which would be related to awareness of social justice/poverty/politics related. Let me know 🙂 Thanks

  2. What is the page number on the paper verrsion of Miranda Poulson’s “A Walk Through The Tenderloin: St. Francis In San Francisco” story dated 10/11/2020?

  3. A recent USF graduate student was dismissed from your university for failing his program despite earning a passing grade. The professor decided to curve his passing grade into failure, a dubious technique that ignores how talent varies from year to year in our pool of students at USF.

    As a professor on the East Coast, I once had a class with 80% A’s and though I often curved exams, I never curved final grades and that year I gave out all these A’s, as they earned them, despite complaints from my dept chair. I happened to have a talented group that semester and was wise enough to recognize it, ignoring dept policy at the time, of no more than 40% A’s per class.

    This young man is the only student to fail from this “curve” which may be an excuse for personal bias or other nefarious motives, who knows? Perhaps he resembled an ex or past rival and she was taking revenge by proxy. No other student in his program who earned passing grade was retroactively failed by this curve, which may speak volume behind this professor’s motives.

    Although he is appealing the decision and grade, a slow and tedious process of 8 months, I urge your paper to investigate this local and correctable injustice now. It’s happening in your backyard. What good is changing the world if you allow such wrong and injustice to thrive in your home. Contact me for details.

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