“63 Days of Love” at the Fillmore

Amie Lu

Contributing Writer


As the season changes in the Bay Area, Australian alternative rock band, Atlas Genius made their way back to The Fillmore nearly four years after their first 2013 appearance. The band, made up of the Jeffery brothers: Keith (lead vocals & lead guitarist), Michael (drums), and Steven (bassist), was on their third stop to promote their newest single 63 Days.” To start the night off, we were welcomed with performances by Half the Animal and Flor who helped warm up our dancing shoes with their upbeat rhythms and melodic vocals.


The set began with wisps of smoke and blue lights that shone onto the stage as Atlas Genius opened with “The City We Grow” from their 2015 sophomore album, “Inanimate Objects”. The song created a sense of home and unity for both new and old fans of the band. It reminded fans that regardless of whom we may be, we are on the same paths of creating change in the world. Moments later, the band broke out familiar notes that fans instantly recognized as their 2013 debut single “Trojans.” People began to jump up and down in an excited rhythm while singing along with the band at the top of their lungs.

After a few songs, Keith took a moment to speak about the current state of the nation, the recent U.S hurricane disasters, as well as the reason for their tour. To build a connection with the people in the room, someone in the crowd was brought up to the stage to  press their forehead with Keith’s and exchange a soul stare. It was encouraged by Jeffery that we take a moment to do this at least once throughout the day to “acknowledge each other for the life that we are gifted, to be shared in union with one another not as enemies, [but] as a means of showing respect with one another.” They played their newest single, “63 Days,”  right after with the soothing vocals leading the crowd in a sway back and forth to the calm tones.


To end the night, Atlas Genius performed an encore with a cover of the song “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)” by Dead or Alive. The crowd loved it, filling the venue with roars and cheers for more. As Keith sang the final notes, the crowd was in awe. The band delivered yet another stellar performance by using their love of interaction with the audience during their sets.  


You can read more about Atlas Genius’ 63 Days of Love project here.


Photos: Atlas Genius performs at The Fillmore. Amie Lu/Foghorn.


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