A Word With the USF Green and Gold Mystery Fan


Every college campus has their own superhero; someone who roams the campus with their identity concealed, infusing cheer and excitement into the student body. At the University of San Francisco we have several, one of which is the official Don mascot, who wears the traditional Don attire consisting of a cape, hat and Zorro-like mask. The other, however, is one we have all recently come to recognize. He wears a slightly more futuristic costume and remains a complete mystery to us all. The spandex suited fan that appears at the basketball games in War Memorial Gym has baffled and endeared fans for the past two years, adding an extra flare to the Los Locos cheering section. The mystery man in the suit sat down and agreed to satisfy his fan’s curiosity, but only to a certain degree. Although he agreed to an interview, he is determined to maintain his secret identity, and arrived dressed in the very suit that has gained him so much notoriety.

When asked about how he acquired the mysterious suit he replied, “It was my mom’s idea”, explaining how his mother gave him the idea after she saw a boy from his old high school wearing a similar suit at another university campus. “I, of course, thought it was a brilliant idea and have rolled with it ever since” he said, enthusiastically gesturing at his suit and the headband that was perched precariously on his head. This mysterious sophomore has attended the basketball games in his suit because he has “latched on to this team”, attracted to the electrifying environment.

When people go to the basketball games how do they react to our suited man? Simple, “I get on average 3 people asking me to take pictures with them each game” and his reaction to them “I think it’s just funny.” His suit, though interesting, is not a unique article of clothing.He opened up and said “It’s not a mystery where I get my suits” giving the website Rootsuit.com as his source of clothing. This website custom makes colored spandex suits for those fans who want to add an extra flavor to their student cheer sections. He also coyly hinted that a secretive female would be welcomed to join our already famous spandex suited superhero.

“Only some people know who I am,” he responded when asked about his secret identity. He went on to say, “I kinda like it, the mystery behind it all.” When asked if he felt like a superhero he replied, “Yeah a little bit.” Besides his recently acquired superhero status, another one of his main reasons for wearing the suit is merely to get into the heads of the other players. Many teams have never seen an anomaly as this, and are quietly shocked by our mysterious super-fan. This individual’s dedication to our men’s basketball games has injected an un-paralleled excitement into the student section, and has definitely created a home court advantage for the Dons throughout


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