Annual Spring Music Showcase Sets Up the New USF Music Major

On April 17th at 7 p.m. at the Presentation Theater in the Education Building USF’s talented music minors will perform for free as part of the Annual Spring Music Showcase. By next semester, some of these music minors will become music majors as part of USF’s expansion of the music program.

Hosted by senior Xach Bauman, this showcase includes fifteen solo performers and a performance by the band Man & the Bearded Ladies with appearances from USF Jazz Band, USF Latin American Music Ensemble, University Classical Choral Ensembles, ASUSF Voices Choral Groups and “The Spiritual Notes” Gospel Choir.

Women’s’ Voices will close out the first act, with the Gospel choir closing out the 2nd act. “From Bach to Zep,” the music students will take the audience through different musical genres and eras with Broadway, jazz, classical selections, pop and other fan favorites. Afterwards, there will be free food and a chance to talk to the performers.

The Foghorn sat down with two of the solo performers of the Spring Music Showcase, sophomore Alaina Mariano and sophomore Greer Michael. Mariano will be singing “In short” from the new musical “Edges” and Michael will be singing an Opera piece called “Gretchen Am Spinnrade” by Franz Schubert. Both students are excited to be part of the Annual Spring Music Showcase and the music program at USF. “We are looking forward to performing with Gospel Choir because of the connection with the audience through things such as hand-clapping,” they said.

Combined, Mariano and Michael have been involved in all nine of the university’s vocal groups, except men’s voices. Right now, Mariano is involved with ASUSF Womens, ASUSF Jazz, ASUSF Six, University Choir, Gospel Choir and guest appears in collaboration with the Latin American Music Ensemble (ULAM). Michael is involved with ASUSF Womens, University Choir, Chamber Choir, Treble Choir, Gospel Choir and also guest appears in collaboration with ULAM. These students love studying music and the new music Major will allow them to follow their passion.

Michael, who is picking up the Music major as soon as next semester, compliments the university’s decision to make a Music major. “I just think there are so many talented music students at this school that it’s about time we have a music major,” she said. After all, the music minor is the second most popular at the University. “It will draw more students who are musically orientated to the school, especially since we are in San Francisco too,” said Mariano. Michael agreed, “As our university grows, our music program will grow.”

With all these students’ hard work, this spring music showcase will be an exciting night to check out the talents of other USF students and enjoy an evening of free entertainment.


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