Artist Spotlight: Caleb d’Oleire

He’s cool, calm and collected — and he’s coming out with a movie next month. Senior media studies major Caleb d’Oleire has no time to waste between producing his weekly podcast “Gatekeeping,” editing his latest short film “Everything Happens To Me,” and wrapping up his final semester at USF.

Kate Sagara: Was there a particular moment or event that helped you realize your passion for filmmaking?

Caleb d’Oleire: No, there was no defining epiphany or “aha” moment for me. I always knew I wanted to make movies. And I know because I have written documentation from the third grade. We had to fill out an “about me” thing, and I wrote down that I want to make movies.

KS: So, film has always been a significant part of your life?

CD: Yeah, that’s kind of how I bonded with my dad. I was never really athletic. I still don’t know how to throw a baseball. I feel like that’s how most guys bond with their dads, but that was never the case for me. I bonded with my dad through movies.

KS: If you could star any actor to play you in a movie, who would you cast?

CD: Joaquin Phoenix. He’s what I wish I looked like.

KS: What’s a movie you wish you made?

CD: Napoleon Dynamite. It’s honest, humble and doesn’t try to be funny. I like to think of it as the Ferris Bueller or Clueless of our generation.  

KS: Aside from filmmaking, you also produce a weekly KUSF podcast alongside co-host Lucas Pereira. Can you tell me a little bit about how “Gatekeeping” came to life?

CD: The idea for a talk show came from wanting to contribute something to KUSF that was more than just music. Lucas and I just wanted to talk about movies, but the show evolved into a therapy session for both of us.


KS: “Gatekeeping” includes a lot of music from the past and present. How has music influenced your film career? And which love came first: music or film?

CD: Both came to me at an early age and both feed my soul on a daily basis, but I owe a lot of my identity to music. I inherited my dad’s taste in music.

KS: I heard you’ve been working on a film for your senior thesis. Without giving too much away, what’s the film about? And what the process like?

CD: It’s a film about dating in the 21st century. We shot it in 16mm. Given filming’s finite nature, it demands 100% of your attention. It forces you to be present every step of the way.

KS: What makes a good film in your opinion?

CD: Either a good joke or a good story. Sometimes those are the same thing.

You can listen to d’Oleire and Pereira’s podcast, “Gatekeeping,” on KUSF every Saturday at 12:30 p.m. Be sure to check out the premiere of his film “Everything Happens To Me” at Artists’ Television Access on May 10.


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