Artist Spotlight: He’s not getting any Yunger

YungerAdrian just wants to drop bangers for people to dance to. WILLIAM WIN/FOGHORN

Lucia Verzola

Contributing Writer

If you ask him about an upcoming show, Adrian Abeleda Corpus will usually tell you not to worry about it, an answer that reflects the junior accounting major’s laid back personality. An El Cerrito, California native who DJs under the name YungerAdrian, Corpus has the goal of creating a sound that inspires a crowd to move, no matter the setting. Along with his dreams of collaborating with Shaquille O’Neal and playing a first mosh at a wedding, he shared his hopes for the future with the Foghorn.

Lucia Verzola: When and how did you get your start DJing?

YungerAdrian: [I] started freshman year in high school. I used to be one of those kids that didn’t sit down in class. The TA was a grade higher than me […] he said to the teacher, “We’re gonna get pizza, but we wanna bring Adrian.” During class I’d just go with them anywhere, and during lunch they’d bring me to the 7-Eleven. We started hanging out a lot and the first time I came over, they were just mixing. This was before all the equipment stuff and we used to spin off laptops. The music just kept broadening and now I’m trying to figure out my new sound, which is cool.

LV: How would you describe your style, and who or what influences and inspires you?

YA: As of now, I’m trying to make music to basically make people dance and groove. Because there’s a lot of music that’s like, “This slaps but I’ll only slap at, like, my house or in the shower.” I wanna make music that you can dance to anywhere. Like if you’re in class and you have one AirPod in and you’re listening to your professor, you’re still kind of vibing. But I don’t encourage not listening to teachers. Gotta get those A’s, cum laude, 3.5 minimum.

LV: You often use the word “bebot”…

YA: [It’s] a Tagalog word. The original meaning for that word is “baby” or “babe,” but me and my friends are so close to each other we just f— around, like, “Hey bebot…” Then it just came to the point where we were trying to figure out the plan for the night so we would be like, “Where the bebots at?” We went to the studio one day and decided to make tags of it so during my sets and mixes now I just drop the, “Where the bebots?” tag and people know that it’s my time to go and get hyped for the sound and stuff.

LV: What’s your favorite part about DJing?

YA: Getting booed.

LV: Getting booed?!

YA: No, imagine? There’s this thing in the United Kingdom, it’s like a usual thing for big sets, or sets locally. It’s called a backspin. When you’re done doing that, [people] just scream. I’ve done that a couple times, it’s pretty cool. The feeling when people are just like vibing really hard and then you stop and realize that you’re creating this vibe. It just makes you feel really warm inside.

LV: Do you feel like your major has influenced the way you approach DJing at all, or are they two very separate things?

YA: From my parents’ perspective, there have been a lot of times when they have just been like, “Hey, you’re an accounting major. You’re supposed to be in a business suit in a cubicle. You can’t just be scratching your equipment everyday.” And I’m just like, I’m gonna do what I wanna do and I’m gonna graduate and get a career. Then, before or after work, I’m just gonna do what I want. There’s nothing holding you back — if you wanna put the time in, then put the time in.

LV: Any parting words for the fans?

YA: I’m just saying, bangers only. Just, bangers only. If you’re gonna be a DJ, drop bangers only. 
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