Artist Spotlight: Luigi Aieta

Luigi Aieta, a senior international business major, was born in Rio de Janeiro and raised in Boston. He is the creator of an e-commerce business called [untitled california]. (The brackets are part of the title). The passion Aieta has for fashion and design is matched by the sense of community he creates through his work — a philosophy confirmed by the friends he collaborates with.

Claire LoCicero: Why did you pick the title [untitled california]?

Luigi Aieta: I’ve always wanted to name a project “untitled,” and I thought it fitting, especially for this business. When you see “untitled,” it not only captures your attention — it makes you question and dig deeper into why it’s called that. In other words, I want the customer to put a title on it themselves. It’s kind of unorthodox and I like it because it doesn’t put a box around what I’m doing. I decided to put “california” after “untitled” because the [collection] we’re doing right now is in California. But the next [collection] we might do could be in New York, so the next one could be called “untitled new york.”

CL: When did you first become interested in fashion? Why did you pick clothing?

LA: I feel like it’s a language. If you wear some cool clothes, people are like, “Wow, where’d you get that?” And it’s a story behind you. Like a window into you.

CL: Do you personally come up with all the clothing designs?

LA: I [have] the final say, but no, I don’t think of all the clothing designs. For example, I have artists, designers and mentors that help me and whom I collaborate with. It touches everyone’s hands, so I do have the final say, but it’s inclusive to the community. It’s a cohesive process.

CL: Is there a specific fashion icon that inspires you?

LA: I like A$AP Rocky when it comes to fashion and creating in general. I follow [his] footsteps because it’s unorthodox, he breaks boundaries and he’s inclusive of the community as well.

CL: What would you like to do in the future?

LA: I would like to have my own collective of creative people. A company by people that I know and trust who want to put their artwork out there and inspire people. I want to put my friends on [to clothing designs], because I know some people who are so creative and I want to use [a company] as a platform for that. One day, I hope to have my clothing in stores.

CL: Is there anything else you want people to know about you?

LA: I want people to know that everything I do is genuine. I want to make a mark on people’s lives in the world, because this is my passion.

You can check out Aieta’s work on his Instagram page and online at


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