Artist Spotlight: Vincent Posadas

Vincent Posadas is a junior biology major from San Jose, California. He created his own clothing brand called “Nothing Lasts Forever,” which released graphic T-shirts last month. The Foghorn sat down with Posadas find out how his clothing brand came to fruition and where he hopes to go with it.

Andrea Gonzales: When did you start creating art?

Vincent Posadas: I realized music was an interest when I was in third grade. Around that time, I started to develop my own taste and listened to music that I wanted to listen to — not just popular songs that were on the radio. I started writing my own music in fourth grade and have been interested in every aspect of the music industry. I couldn’t express what I wanted to through music, so I started using design and clothing to do so. In high school, I also picked up a camera and took pictures of friends and family. Editing and designing those photos inspired me to do it with the clothing world. The whole creative world drives me. With the designs, photography, videos, social media, and more, all creative aspects I was able to put into one specific thing I can focus on.

The whole creative world drives me.

AG: What inspired you to create a clothing line?

VP: My family, friends, and my own experiences in life. I didn’t start this brand simply because I liked clothes and wanted to make my own. I started this brand because I thought, “Why is there not a brand that reflects how we truly feel?” The reflection of pain, struggle, what we go through, and overcoming all those feelings.

AG: What does your creative process look like?

VP: Straight up doing it. We always think of starting projects, but we need to stop thinking and start doing. That means getting on your laptop, getting inspiration, creating notes, and forming it all together. Starting your process is what is most important in achieving your goals. Someone could have a million-dollar idea that is in their head, but if they don’t take action to it, it won’t happen.

AG: What makes your clothing line and designs different from other brands?

VP: The full story of it. The key words of “Nothing Lasts Forever.” People buy certain brands just because it looks cool and has a certain reputation, which I have nothing against. But my brand was truly created from nothing, and every single article of clothing in my brand has a story. Everyone goes through the mud and struggles with their inner demons, and I want to show people that they can fight through that. What people wear makes them feel, so why not wear something victorious and conquering? That’s what this brand is about — conquering one’s struggles. 

AG: What’s your ultimate goal for this clothing line?

VP: One day, I gave my roommate one of my T-shirts in its entire packaging. It was a day before I released my commercial and shirts to the public. After she opened it up and I gave her the backstory of the brand, she told me that she has always wanted to create jewelry. At that moment, I told her that was exactly what I wanted to get out of doing this — inspiring people to do what they want to do. Life is too short to not do what you want — you just need to take the first step towards your goal. People are so creative and talented, but many are too scared to put their work out there. But there’s a space and purpose for everyone. For me, this brand that I created is not for longevity, but to touch people’s lives. I want to transcend Nothing Lasts Forever into a platform to allow people to express their creativity. I want to do collections of collaborations with friends and with people in general who love to create.

For me, this brand that I created is not for longevity, but to touch people’s lives.

You can order Vincent’s T-shirts on his Instagram @nolastsforever or follow his personal profile @invce.

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