Ask The Nursing Students: How Should You Stay Healthy this Cold and Flu Season?





Holly Ersek: Senior

“[Make] sure to give your body adequate time to recoop! If you have a lot of mucus built up, coughing and taking deep breaths in a hot steamy shower loosens it all up!”








Shamim Hasham: Senior

“Keep working out because it helps boost your immune system by getting rid of toxins. And drink lots of orange juice for its vitamin C.”







Jeanette Lising: Junior

“Get the flu vaccine because it is the most effective preventative measure [against the flu.] Disinfect household objects like keyboards. Keep the touching of eyes, mouth, and nose at a minimum because those are the most common portal of entry for bacteria and viruses.”




Becca Teynor: Senior

“Make sure to drink your H20 [and eat a] healthy diet of lots of fruits and veggies. Eating right boosts your immune system. Take vitamins! Having that extra something can really help. If you feel you’re starting to get sick, don’t go out partying and drinking; listen to your body.”



allison nurse




Allison Smith: Junior

“Getting a good consistent amount of sleep each night will keep your immune system. This is called sleep hygiene.”

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