ASUSF Voices Perform at Lo Schiavo

(Left to right) Kelsey Magaña, Breniel Lemley, Maija Rivenburg, Ally Shiras, Dave Andrade, Matt Miller, Sean Gresens, Derek Buckwalter, Simon Cooper, David Silpa, Lawson Lim, Lih Seng Goh. Keoni Zane, Erin McCroskey, and Rachel Khoo—all members of multiple Voices groups.

Jazz Voices, 1 of 5 choral groups within the larger ASUSF Voices organization,  celebrated the opening of Lo Schiavo out on the plaza last Saturday, 17th.

Erin McCroskey, senior president of Voices, performed with her peers singing songs such as, “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” and “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” Also performing that day was “SIX,” comprised of a six person a cappella group, and “Men’s Voices,” an all male group.

All groups are audition only with the exception of Voices, the largest group out of the organizations.

Anyone who wants to audition or join can contact


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