Augustana Set to Headline Jammin’ for Justice Concert

The upcoming Jammin’ for Justice concert is sure to be a sleepless event—for concert goers and American Cancer Society supporters alike. In collaboration with USF’s Second Annual Relay for Life, the Campus Activities Board (CAB) is hosting a concert on April 1 while Relay for Life participants make their 24-hour walk on the second level of the Memorial Gym.

Relay for Life is a day-long walk that benefits the American Cancer Society and celebrates individuals who have battled cancer. According to Relay for Life, “cancer never sleeps,” so students who participate in the walk will endure a full 24 hours on the balcony level of the gym. “In the middle of that we’re going to have a concert,” CAB Concert Director Patrick Sudlow said.

Unlike CAB’s Fall Fest concert, the purpose of Jammin’ for Justice is to donate ticket sale proceeds to a non-profit organization of choice. This year CAB has chosen the American Cancer Society.

Jammin’ for Justice will headline Augustana, and will showcase opening acts Alma Desnuda, Kore Ionz and We Shot the Moon.

CAB chose the artists based on the highest requested music genres from student surveys. CAB distributes surveys after the previous years’ concerts to get an idea of what students would like to see in upcoming concerts.

The Fall Fest concert caters to Hip Hop music, which is the greatest genre demand for students. Jammin’ for Justice covers the second most preferred genre, rock alternative. By showcasing both music genres,“We’re trying to appeal to the entire USF community,” Sudlow said.

Students Taking Action Against Sexual Violence organized the first Jammin’ for Justice in October 2009. The concert, titled “Rock Against Rape,” brought awareness to sexual violence on campus while benefiting the Women’s Community Clinic in San Francisco.

“That event was such a success, it was moved under CAB. So this is the first year that CAB is doing the event but the second year that the university is hosting the event,” Sudlow said.

During the concert, a Relay for Life representative will speak on behalf of the American Cancer Society. A cancer survivor will join them on stage and commence a moment of silence.

Paper bags will also be available for purchase so concert goers can decorate then in honor of a loved one who has battled cancer.

Sudlow’s assistant and CAB’s Film Director Elizabeth Nye said, “I purchased one for my grandma because she passed away of cancer.”

The paper bags will be lined on the upper level of the gym where the Relay for Life lap is occuring. Candles will also be lit during the silent walk in memory of people that have passed away.

CAB announced its headlining artists at the Last Comic Standing event last week to make the concert more well-known among students. “Definitely with the Fall Fest concert, I think everyone knows that happens every year. So we’re hoping that soon the university community is going to know that CAB puts on these two concerts every semester,” Sudlow said.

Since Jammin’ for Justice is only on its second run at USF, Sudlow believes students are not as familiar with it yet. “Because it’s a new event, we have the ability to create how we want it to come about.”

Sudlow said CAB had a small budget to fund Jammin’ for Justice. “Artists as you know are … expensive,” he said. In acquiring a big-name artist, “That big artist took my budget and that was the cheapest I could get them.”

However, CAB received an additional $8000, leftover from Fall Fest.

The New Boyz who performed at Fall Fest last semester failed to meet contract requirements, so CAB kept part of their financial negotiation.

With the additional funds, CAB was able to add opening acts for the concert.

The first anual Jammin’ For Justice had an even smaller budget than what CAB was given.”We’re blessed that we get a budget for it but they [last year’s concert organizers] did a great job of utilizing the resources they had and drew a lot of people.”

In light of the two separate events that are simultaneously occuring, students can sign up for Relay for Life while enjoying the concert, Sudlow said.

If students are interested, they can form a team prior to the event. Each member in the team donates $10.

The top team that raises the most money will earn a meet-n-greet with the concert artists.

Sudlow said Relay for Life participants don’t have to purchase a concert ticket to take part in both events “beause they already made their donation and paid,” Sudlow said.

Walk-ins the day of the event will also be welcomed, as long as voluntary participants make their $10 donation.

Ticket sales for the concert will be $5 for USf undergraduate students, $10 for USF alumni and faculty, and $15 for the general public.

For more info about the event please go to and click on the Jammin’ for Justice link.

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