VOL 120, ISSUE 22 – May 11th, 2023

Staff Editorial: The Foghorn responds to recent op-ed controversy 

Last Monday, the Foghorn posted an opinion piece by general assignment reporter Sophia McCrackin called “Why…

Staff editorial: The Foghorn is a space for student advocacy 

Last week, students staged a Day of Refusal protest against rising tuition costs, calling out the…

VOL 120, ISSUE 21–May 4th, 2023

VOL 120, ISSUE 20 – April 27th, 2023

Staff Editorial: Marijuana convictions stop with legalization

Last week, San Francisco held its annual 4/20 festival in Golden Gate Park, attracting marijuana enthusiasts…

Staff Editorial: Prioritize science, not space tourism

Outer space has long been viewed as the final frontier for humanity, a mystical place waiting…

VOL 120, ISSUE 19 – April 20th, 2023

2023 earth month issue

VOL 120, ISSUE 18 – April 6th, 2023

Staff Editorial: Pedestrian safety improves on campus

The city has recently made pedestrian safety improvements around USF’s campus