Bachelor and Bachelorette of the Month

Kyle Curran is a senior English major from Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif. who finds love on the badminton court in the backyard of his off-campus apartment. Ladies, grab your racquets!

San Francisco Foghorn: So Kyle, do you have a sexual preference?
Kyle Curran: Yes, women.
SFF: What sort of characteristics, physical or intellectual, grab your attention when you’re scouting potential GFFs?
KC: I like girls who can comfortably carry intensely and outrageously weird conversations. I also like brunettes. Common taste in music usually helps, too.

SFF: Where do you go to find love?
KC: The badminton court or the park.
SFF: Seriously? The badminton court?
KC: Absolutely.
SFF: You play badminton?
KC: Yeah, I have a court in my backyard.
SFF: That’s bad-ass (oh!). How’d you get into that? I’m guessing you live off campus.
KC: My roommates bought a net, some racquets and birdies for something like $20 at a garage sale.

SFF: Do you have any tattoos?
KC: Nope, though I’m not opposed to getting any.
SFF: Just haven’t found the right statement?
KC: (laughs) Yeah, something like that.

SFF: How would your friends describe you if they could only use five words? You can brag, go ahead.
KC: Too hella fly to handle.
SFF: I meant five different adjectives, but that’s so crazy I’ll accept it.

SFF: What was the last book you read?
KC: “100 Years of Solitude” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
SFF: Nice, in Spanish?
KC: Nah, I wish.

SFF: Do you have any secret talents?
KC: I can juggle pretty well.
SFF: Always handy. What can’t you live without, excluding the obvious essentials? 
KC: Music.
SFF: What kind of music?
KC: I’m particularly fond of psych-pop and shoegaze.
SFF: Cool, any bands in particular?
SFF: Of Montreal and My Bloody Valentine. Pavement, too – they actually might be the favorite of mine.

SFF: What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever done to impress someone?
KC: I think I brought flowers for this girl one time that were basically already dead.
SFF: Did she care that they were dead?
KC: There wasn’t a lot of verbal communication going down, and I’m not sure if she took it as a joke.
SFF: So what happened?
KC: We went on a date that night.
SFF: Slam dunk!
KC: (laughs) Yeah, I’ll say.

You can find Kyle making it happen at the front desk of the Student Leadership & Engagement office in the bottom floor of the University Center every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Be sure to be blasting a Pavement song out your stereo when you pull up to make your move. Even better, warn him before you show up – he can be reached at

Laurel Bentley is a recently single senior communication studies major from Portland, OR who just spent the year studying abroad in Spain.

San Francisco Foghorn: So, are you a relationship type of person?
Laurel Bentley: Yeah, I enjoy a partnership. I like the work and communication that goes into a relationship, and the comfort that comes out of it. But I’d never say I don’t enjoy a good night out with the girls! 

SFF: Do you have a sexual preference?
LB: I’m seeing what’s out there…not limiting my options.

SFF: Got it. Where do you go to find love?
LB: Wow. (laughs) I go about my day. Love tends to show up in biostatistics class. I don’t do much looking; love kind of sneaks up and attacks.

SFF: What sorts of characteristics, physical or intellectual, usually grab your attention when you’re on the prowl?
LB: I like the smart kids, ones who ride bikes and people who love to be outdoors. I’m extremely sarcastic, so I look for the same – and someone who is genuine. I don’t particularly care what your style is so long as it’s your own.

SFF: Do you have any tattoos?
LB: Not yet, but I like tattoos on other people.

SFF: How would your friends describe you if they could use only five words?
LB: Determined, inventive, positive, adventurous, empathetic. (laughs) I’m digging deep. 

SFF: What was the last book you read?
LB: I read Las Cinco Personas que Encontraras en el Cielo (“The Five People You Meet in Heaven”) in Spain. Now I’m reading Shantaram, which is like a million pages long and I’m about halfway done. It’s fantastic; teaches me something new every page.

SFF: Do you have a job?
LB: Yeah, I nanny, and apparently I just got hired for Events Scheduling at USF. Before that I worked with the SF school district tutoring autistic children. 
SFF: Awesome. So it sounds like you’re good with kids. 
LB: Oh, totally. I also volunteer at SFAIDS foundation…I like to keep busy.

SFF: What’s your personal motto?
LB: “Everything is good in the end, and if it’s not good, it’s not the end.” But, more recently, it’s a line stolen from a Pendulum song (a drum and bass band): “Hold Your Colour,” in reference to keeping true to yourself no matter what happens. Spain drove that one home.

SFF: Anything else, Laurel?
LB: I’m at USF for one more year – maybe the city for only one more – and so I’m here to enjoy it and get everything I can out of my last 15 minutes of college freedom! Really, I’m just out to have a good time. I love electronic music, so I’ll be at LoveFest this year without a doubt!

So, readers, if you want to catch up with this busy girl, you can either chase her down on your bike, schedule an on-campus event with her or get into her groove at this year’s LoveFest. Or, you could also email her at

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