BART Prices Increase, Environment Suffers

BART raised their prices recently, making it more expensive for the thousands of San Franciscan commuters to get around the Bay Area.  BART is a vital mode of transportation, and its importance was most evident last week when the Bay Bridge was closed. BART was supposed to be an easier and cheaper way to get home from various locations for people trying to stay environmentally conscious by keeping their cars off the road.

However, prices of BART tickets are continuing to increase, which gives less incentive for commuters to leave their car at home when gas costs just about the same as a BART ticket.

In August I took the BART from the station on Mission Street to the San Francisco International Airport and paid $10.70 for a round trip ticket.

I recently looked up the prices now to get to the airport from the same station and it is $16.10. It has only been three months and already the price has increased. Thankfully my roommate informed me of the Super Shuttle, which only costs $20 including tip. The Super Shuttle picks you up at your home, helps you with your bags, and drops you off at your designated terminal at the airport in a timely manner.

The problem with BART, besides its price increase, is that you have to take different buses or a cab to get to the BART station if you live near USF.

If you are going to the airport with luggage, this is a huge hassle. Super Shuttle will come to you and you don’t have to spend money on Muni to get to the BART station.

I do not understand why the city is increasing the price of public transportation, like BART and Muni, if they want us to be “greener” by not using cars as frequently. The previous prices were more reasonable and encouraged people to take BART or Muni instead of their cars. Now it costs $2 instead of $1.50 for an adult to take Muni, and $6 more for people to get to the SFO from downtown San Francisco.

San Francisco has better public transportation than other cities. It is clean and available almost 24 hours a day. But the transportation was also a cheaper way to get around San Francisco. That aspect is changing.

San Francisco is a environmentally conscious city and its public transportation should not make it more expensive for people to help the emissions of greenhouse gases. Something needs to be done and fares need to stop increasing.

It is quickly becoming more economically efficient to drive around the city and pay for gas instead of continually paying for bus fares and BART tickets that increase every time you hop on board. Bay Area public transportation agencies need to keep fares low in order to encourage commuters to ride transit and help the earth.

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