Basketball Reveals New Locker Rooms

Where did the money for this come from?

This project was funded by Dons basketball boosters and other sports-specific donations to the Athletics Department’s independent budget (So, no, your tuition did not go to this).



What’s inside it?

The locker rooms each feature 17 individual lockers with screens above each one, sporting the player’s name and hometown. Each locker is similar to a small hotel closet, complete with a lockbox to secure valuables. Each player also has a bench in front of the locker that doubles as a storage cubby. The locker rooms also include a white board, a projector, a television, lounge style seating and a mini-fridge.



Who gets to use it?

These locker rooms will only be used by the men’s and women’s basketball teams for practices as well as home games.


Where is it?

The locker room is located on the south side of War Memorial and is not accessible to fans.


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