Be a Hipster. Go to IndieFest.

“Yeah, I’m going to an Independent Film Festival this weekend”. That sounds pretty cool right? Well, you can sound that cool for the next few weeks because IndieFest is finally back! For those of you who don’t know, IndieFest is an Independent Movie Festival occurring in San Francisco every February, where the best of the best concerning alternative and independent cinema and upcoming filmmakers gather to showcase their talented work.
The festival goes until Feb. 21st, and nearly 30 independent films will be featured in three different movie theaters in San Francisco: The Brava Theater, The Roxie Theater, and The Vortex Room. Certain films appear in different theaters, which are all located in diverse areas of San Francisco.

This festival is not limited to films either! There are also a number of after parties and themed parties following the screening of the films. A popular event is the Roller Disco Costume Party on Feb. 15th which is free to anyone with an IndieFest ticket stub.

As for ticket prices to the festival, regular admission for tickets start at $10 in advance and $12 at the door; Full passes are $170; A 10-Film Pack is $90, and a 5-Film pack is $50. However, the opportunity to witness the work of future stars before others even know who they are? Priceless, plus huge bragging rights.

So make sure to check out the theaters and films they will be hosting over the next few weeks; it’s an experience to remember! You can read more information about this festival on their website ( and twitter page ( @SFIndieFest ).

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