Bets or Chips: What Kind of Super Bowl Viewer Are You?

Super Bowl Sunday is finally here! It’s time to start planning a Super Bowl party. There are essentials that have to be decided on—where you will be watching the game, what food will be served, and most importantly, whom you will invite. Who you invite can make or break your party, you want a good mix of people. To have that good mix, you have to understand the different reasons why people watch the Super Bowl.

For some people, this day has been anticipated since the start of the NFL season; and for others, they could care less except that it’s an excuse to party. Most people will watch the Super Bowl but for different reasons. Some people want to just watch the commercials while others will be glued to their seats, invested in the game’s action. There are three groups of Super Bowl watchers, and everyone falls into one of the groups or is a combination of more than one. To have a successful Super Bowl party, you have to know each group. Here’s how they breakdown:

Fans of the Super Bowl teams:

These are the true fans of the teams playing, the one’s that followed the entire season and can name the entire starting offense and defense from memory. It will be easy to spot them this year—anyone wearing Steelers or Packers jerseys or people waving a yellow towel or wearing a giant piece of cheese on their head. Needless to say, these fans are distinguishable. To them the Super Bowl isn’t a party unless their team wins the Championship. It’s more than a game to these fans, the outcome defines their favorite team’s season—win and you are the champion, lose and everyone remembers you as the loser. If there is this type of fan at your Super Bowl party it’s probably best to just leave them alone and let them watch the game; they may be volatile and/or depressed depending on the status of the game. They will either be the life of the party or the downer, just understand that this game means more to them than anyone else.
Football Fans:

Football fans, or casual fans, are the ones that love football but don’t have a rooting interest. They could care less who is in the Super Bowl (if their team isn’t in it) but will watch the game regardless. A large amount of Super Bowl watchers will fall into this group. These are the people talking about their fantasy football seasons in between plays. They may not be the life of the party, but lets face it, you need them at the party for it to be successful—they are the perfect people to talk football with.

Commercial Watches/ Partiers:

If your Super Bowl party isn’t full of casual fans, this group will take over your     party, making it a fun one because all that these fans care about is having fun and     watching the commercials and halftime show.  Most likely, they will have little to no knowledge of the super bowl teams or football at all. They’re just there to party. The highlight of the game for them will be the Black Eyed Peas halftime show or the new E*Trade baby commercial. Whether you find this group of people annoying or entertaining, they are the life of the party. More than likely they are the providers of drinks, game snacks and everything in-between. Salute them and embrace them because more than anything else, they make the event fun whether there is a good game or not.
Balancing out whom to invite will be tough but following these groups is a good start to a great party. Picking the perfect place to watch the game is essential too—you want a lot of seating, a big television, and good food. Having all these elements will ensure that your Super Bowl party will be perfect.

Editor-in-Chief: Heather Spellacy

Chief Copy-Editor: Natalie Cappetta

Sports Editor: Matt Steinbach


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