British Phenom Jessie Ware Rocks the Fillmore

Before knowing who Jessie Ware was, I was told two things about her. The first was that she has worked with my favorite English electronic music duo Disclosure. The second was that she is “the missing link between Adele, SBTRKT, and Sade.” Instantly, I fell in love with the idea of Jessie.

Upon seeing her at the Fillmore mid-November, she surpassed my high expectations. Song after song, note after note, Ware hit every mark in front of a sell-out show crowd. She gave shine to many songs from different periods of her career, but mainly focused on songs from her most recent album “Devotion.”. Knowing the subtle sophistication of “Devotion,” I was happily surprised to find myself dancing along. Her smooth sensual voice soothed the soul, as all cares began to slip away.

More impressive than her flawless vocals was Ware’s glowing stage presence. Her charisma made me feel like I was reuniting with a long lost friend. Ware’s casual composure was shown throughout song breaks when she would play with the audience, calling herself a “good Jewish girl” and cheering out “L’Chaim.”

It was easy to forget that Ware is a world-renowned singer with an album that some called one of the best of 2012. However,  her stardom is something we cannot forget. In an age where revealing clothing and the selling of sexual appeal have become norms for many female musicians (I’m looking at you Miley,) one must not forget that there still are many women achieving incredible musical feats regardless of image. Jessie Ware may or may not be the missing link between Adele, SBTRKT, and Sade, but one thing is sure, this classy lady sure can rock a stage even in a pant suit.


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