Cancelled Plans

Mitchell Lobetos

Staff Writer

The XIII Annual Hilltop Cup was set for last Friday, Oct. 21. USF boxers were lined up and ready to take on invitees from all around. Boxers walked around campus with pride and joy, handing out handbills and spreading the word about the event to be held by Koret. Students were looking forward to the night, seeing their peers go toe-to-toe in the boxing ring.

The email sent out informing people of the event stated, “Unfortunately the doctor we had for the event is unable to make it tonight. We’ve reached out to as many doctors as we possibly can and no one is available. Without a doctor, we cannot have a show.” Implying that that the doctor ran into an emergency situation and could no longer attend the event. But that begs the question why not have a backup? If the doctor is so important that the event can’t happen without one, there should be a contingency plan in place. It seems only logical to have a prepared backup plan for situations such as these.

So I asked workers around Koret wondering what happened. I asked staff members, student workers and a few people who were involved in the planning of the event and I was finally given a clearer answer. A source close to the doctor side of the planning informed me that the doctor had not been informed of the event at all. When the doctor was called up and asked where he or she was the afternoon of the event, response was not what the planners had expected. The doctor explained that they were asked to come to the October 7th event, Friday Night Fights at War Memorial Gym but had not been reached out too since. The assumption may have been made by event planners that prior conversations with the doctor included details of the XIII Annual Hilltop Cup. So it was miscommunication and not the fault of the doctor.

Hopefully, the event will be rescheduled for a later date, but it seems unlikely with participants having already traveled from afar to come and fight once. If this year isn’t rescheduled, hopefully this is a lesson well learned when looking forward to next year’s actual XIII Annual Hilltop Cup.

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