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Kimberlee Parton
Staff Writer


Tokyo, Japan

Researchers and scientists at Fujitsu Labs and Japan’s National Institute of Informatics (NII) are teaming up to develop an AI-robot that can pass the college entrance exam to Japan’s most prestigious university by 2021. The “Todai robot,” as it is colloquially known, will have to master subjects as diverse as physics and foreign language.


Champaign, IL, USA

U. of I. has revoked an offer of a tenured position to Dr. Steven Salaita who published controversial statements on his Twitter feed about the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict in Gaza. Many of Dr. Salaita’s supporters claim a violation of academic freedom, while critics believe academic freedom does not apply in Dr. Salaita’s case because he had not officially begun his position.


London, England, UK

In an effort to understand the behavior of people who drink alcohol, London South Bank University has opened an on-campus pub as a psychological experiment. With the use of hidden cameras and microphones, student volunteers are provided free drinks, some of which do not contain alcohol, but smell of ethanol. Cheers!


Uppsala, Sweden

Neuroscientists at Uppsala University have discovered that crawfish are able to replenish neurons by converting blood cells into stem cells. This is a breakthrough in medical science, since it was previously believed that neurons were unable to be reproduced or regrown after reaching maturity. The researchers are hoping to use this new discovery to study how it can be applied to human medical science.


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