Conserving Money

Given the state of the current economy, I have taken many steps towards conserving money. One of my major spending habits seems to be on clothes. Before I moved to San Francisco, most of my shopping took place at malls and plazas, all first hand stores. However, once I moved to San Francisco, I discovered all sorts of second hand stores. I began saving a lot of money by purchasing clothes at places like Buffalo Exchange, Crossroads, and even Goodwill. I knew when moving here that San Francisco is one of the most expensive places to live in, however I have learned on my own, ways in which to save my money. Not only do I buy clothes at thrift stores, but I also sell some of the clothes I do not wear anymore. What I like about Buffalo Exchange is that when I sell clothes there, I get either 30% in cash, or 50% in trade, so I never feel bad about shopping there after selling clothes, because I am getting such a good deal.

The second most common thing I spend money on is food in San Francisco. Sushi is my all time favorite type of food, and it just so happens to be an expensive food as well. I try to limit myself and not go as much as I wish I could. I try to eat in the cafeteria, as much as I can, even though, on the weekends especially, the food options are limited. Going against what I just said, I decided to buy a box of cereal and a carton of milk, which saved me more money on my flexi, being only 5 dollars that lasted me about two weeks, versus individual containers of milk and cereal, that would add up to about $3.50 per day!

What I love about San Francisco is that when it comes to shopping, you can pretty much find anything you want at second hand stores. Amoeba Music store, has a clearance section, that has albums for under five dollars. I have also found stores downtown that do the same for movies and television shows, along with ones that are used copies and are even cheaper.This doesn’t add much pressure to my day-to-day routine; it has actually made me feel better because now I am more educated on different places in which to shop at, that save me a lot of money. I do, however, wish I could go out for sushi every night, but that is something that will probably never happen. There are many ways to tackle money preservation, and I feel you just have to be smart about where you spend your money, and how often you spend it.

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