Crystal Castles Rocks Oakland


On the eve of April 27th a picture of a Yemeni woman holding her son after he has been tear-gassed is featured in the backdrop—Crystal Castles (111) album art at Fox Theatre while Alice stomps the stage and sings crowd favorites. Alice Glass grabs the microphone and begins to take over the show with her powerful lyrics and Ethan’s danceable beats. The crowd begins to get wild dancing and breaking a sweat. The entire Fox Theatre was reacting to Alice’s miraculous presence on stage.

Fans in the front row held their hands high to support Alice Glass as she jumped out on to the crowd singing “Baptism”. Elbows went flying and hands were moving from left to right all in attempt to help Alice Glass stand on the crowd. The crowd’s energy became intensified after Alice made her way down into the pit.

Alice danced along to each song she sang, truly engaging the audience with the music. Young fans filled the Fox Theatre from the ground floor all the way up to the balcony seats watching Alice get down to songs like “Suffocation”, “Plague” and “Alice Practice”.  A sold out show on the eve of April 27th to see the Crystal Castles was worth every penny.


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