Cultural Centers Bring Prose and Polish

The Gender and Sexuality Center (GSC) has added two new programs to their roster this year: Glitter Group and Drop the Mic. Like the pre-existing GSC programs, these new additions are formulated to encourage students to feel comfortable with one another and in their own skins –– regardless of sexual orientation, identity, race, ethnicity and gender.


Glitter Group is a program designed to be a safe hangout space full of nail polish to choose from and hot topics up for discussion. Toni Adeyemi, senior international studies major, is responsible for spearheading the Glitter Group meetings. Adeyemi creates prompts and questions that normally fit under an overarching theme she has for each meeting. The first meeting focused on the concept of “pretty privilege” –– the idea that conventional attractiveness comes with unsolicited advantages –– and how it affects people on individual and societal levels. Issues like this are discussed alongside the calming activity of nail painting. Every Friday at 1 p.m. inside UC 413, students are invited into this safe forum for discussion. “Everybody has experiences in completely different ways, so having the opportunity to hear others’ struggles helps me understand how lucky I am and how much work there is to be done to achieve equality,” recent attendee senior Margarita Treyes said.


Next up is Drop the Mic. Similar to the Lyricist Lounge, Drop the Mic will feature an open mic event during which artists can share their work in a more intimate setting and not worry about performing for a large group. Drop the Mic will begin in September, so stay tuned for an official release date. It will take place on the last Thursday of every month on UC 4th. As this program hasn’t begun yet, scheduling is subject to change. Drop the Mic also is conducted with a specific theme in mind for each session to inspire artists and storytellers and weave them together. If you enjoyed Lyricist Lounge, or perhaps felt intimidated by it, Drop the Mic will definitely be worth checking out.


To learn more about these activities and other programs hosted by the Cultural Centers, visit their office in UC 411.


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