Dish Of The Week: The Flying Falafel

Gianna Ferraro

Contributing Writer


PLACE: The Flying Falafel (1051 Market Street)

PRICE: Pocket Sandwich – $7.00 (Half – $5.00)

Heartwarmingly, it is impossible to say the name “The Flying Falafel” without a smile. If you’re on campus with a rumbling stomach and searching for something to smile about, then hop onto the next inbound 5R bus. Amid the hustle of Market Street stands The Flying Falafel. This casual eatery offers a vibrant take on classic Mediterranean fare.  


The menu hangs proudly above the welcoming walk-up counter and presents a simple selection of goods, including the original Flying Falafel Pocket Sandwich. This soft, doughy pocket-sized pita is freshly baked and paired with a hearty serving of falafel.  They offer two falafel flavors, spicy or sesame. Have no fear: the spicy falafel provides a pleasant, zesty kick.  After the falafel is settled in, the pocket is packed with a variety of diced veggies, including tomatoes, pickles, carrots, and cabbage. If you’re feeling gutsy, you can request their spicy sauce alongside their house tahini sauce. A small handful of savory French fries concludes the falafel’s aesthetically delicious composition.  You’re offered an easy-to-enjoy, colorful array of flavors.

The Flying Falafel satisfies three essential demands: convenience, cost and quality. It is located just steps away from the Market & 6th Street Muni stop.  The full-sized Pocket Sandwich is a full-belly meal at only $7. Every bite of the Pocket Sandwich is a mouthful of organic, fresh ingredients, all of which happen to be vegan, which adds major points to The Flying Falafel’s trendy, guilt-free appeal.


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