D’Oleire and Pereira’s “Piñata” Airs on Prime Video

Two boys, a piñata, and a baseball bat. The Foghorn sat down with seniors Caleb d’Oleire and Lucas Pereira, the stars of “Piñata,” a short film about two New Yorkers who interrogate a treat-filled pony into confessing where it’s been hiding the goods. The duo’s work landed itself a permanent spot on Amazon Prime Video as one of Campus Movie Fest’s Top 25 short films of the 2017-18 season.


Sarah Armendariz: When did the two of you meet?


Lucas Pereira: We met in our ninth grade geometry class.


Caleb d’Oleire: And the rest is history.


SA: Have you been good friends since then?


CD: No, not quite. It wasn’t until that we knew in our senior year that we were both going to USF that Lucas said, “Hey, we’re both going to the same school. We’re gonna be adult friends.”


LP: I did say that. I always say things like that.


SA: When did you two start collaborating with each other on films?


CD: It was the second semester of our freshman year at USF. We began writing a feature-length screenplay together for fun.


SA: Fast-forward to your Campus Movie Fest film, “Piñata.” What was the process behind writing and filming?


CD: Around the time of last year’s CMF, I came across a New Yorker cartoon. It was two kids talking like gangsters to a piñata and I thought it was hilarious. I thought to myself, “I could definitely develop this into a skit,” and I asked Lucas to be in it because he’s the best actor I know.


LP: What?! He’s totally lying.


SA: Where did you seek other inspiration for your roles and in your overall artistic expression?


CD: Martin Scorsese, for both this film and in general. We were aiming for total New York, Italian mobsters. Think of Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci.


LP: Bo Burnham, for sure. I admire his level of emotional honesty.


SA: How did you find out your film was being featured on Amazon Prime? What was your reaction to it?


LP: We got an email about it. It was weird seeing our faces on Amazon Prime. Actually having our names on something that shares the same page with notable actors felt really, really good.


CD: I thought it was super trippy. We clicked on the Amazon Prime link together and upon the film beginning to play, there were subtitles. To me, nothing is legit until it has subtitles. That made it real for me.


Campus Movie Fest is coming back to USF on Sept. 19. Students will have from then until Sept. 25 to create a five-minute film with the help of the CMF-provided amenities: training and support from the CMF touring staff, a Panasonic LUMIX HD camera, Sennheiser sound gear and a laptop equipped with Adobe Creative Cloud. The cost to participate? Free! Once the judges have reviewed the submissions, the top 16 films will be shown at an on-campus red-carpet premiere on Sept. 27. Visit https://campusmoviefest.com to learn more about prizes and submission details.


See more of Caleb d’Oleire’s work, visit vimeo.com/calebdoleire.


To watch “Piñata” online, visit http://a.co/d/b5dLJE2


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