Film Review: “Subida de los Niño’s” Tackles Nicaragua’s Environmental Issues

USF alum Natalie Eakin partnered with Canadian filmmakers Greg Takacs and Jordan De Biasi to create “Subida De Los Niño’s (The Children’s Ascent)” a short film with a big message about the environment.

The short documentary explores environmental issues in Nicaragua today, focusing on SONATI, an environmental education center for children in Leon, Nicaragua. The film examines the reluctance of the people of Nicaragua to take action and preserve their environment. SONATI environmental education is geared toward children so that they can grow up to make better decisions about the environment, such as understanding how to use water and energy properly, and the ecological consequences of polluting and littering.

The teachers at SONATI encourage children to look into the future and understand that even though they might not see the consequences of environmental damage now, they will in the years to come. Two of the main focuses of environmental education at SONATI are recycling and spreading awareness about Nicaragua’s vanishing sea turtles.

Due to the killing and trade of sea turtle eggs in Nicaragua, these animals are on the verge of becoming extinct. While SONATI regards this as a high priority issue, many locals of Leon do not share the same sentiment and are unwilling to change their habits.

One fruit seller responded to a mural that SONATI children put up in the town to bring attention to the sea turtle issue by saying that people have just accepted the situation and doesn’t expect anyone to care about the mural.

Other local women explained that people live off of the turtle eggs, both by selling and consuming them, and like the fruit man, can’t see anything changing either

The short documentary…examines the reluctance of the people of Nicaragua to take action and preserve their environment.


For employees and teachers at SONATI, the answer to this dilemma is to involve the children in the hopes that by providing them an early education about the environment that they will be the change Nicaragua’s ecosystem needs.

“Subida” may be a short documentary, but regardless of that, the filmmakers go beneath the surface to give an in depth explanation into the root causes of Nicaragua’s environmental issues, and how those issues can
be resolved.


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