FogPod is the weekly podcast of the San Francisco Foghorn, the student newspaper of the University of San Francisco. We offer a deeper dive into our stories, offering interviews with reporters from the Foghorn, students and administration officials.

Fogpod Relaunch Episode 4: Studying From Abroad

Online school is hard, but you can do it from anywhere. For some of USF’s students, the pandemic has consisted of doing school from another country, in another time zone. We spoke to four USF students in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, China, Indonesia, and Singapore about their experiences being a USF student so far from USF.

Fogpod Relaunch Episode 3: Life in the Village

Since the pandemic shut down the campus in March of last year, the Hilltop has been relatively empty. However, there are still traces of life to be found in the resident halls thanks to essential housing, a scaled-back version of on-campus living provided by SHaRE. In this episode, we hear from Toni Fernando, a Loyola Village resident, and Torry Bruce, SHaRE’s Senior Director of Housing, to get a glimpse into how COVID-19 has changed college living.

Fogpod Relaunch Episode 2: Pandemic love stories

In honor of Valentine’s Day 2021, and the unique conditions we celebrated it under this year, we’re bringing you four pandemic love stories told by some of our audience members. We’ve got long-distance, we’ve got reconnections, we’ve even got some Hinge hijinks! We hope everyone listening had a love-filled Valentine’s Day. Enjoy!

Fogpod Relaunch Episode 1: All the news you missed over Winter Break

The Fogpod has relaunched! Managing Editor Haley Keizur and News Editor Ethan Tan take us through the biggest USF-related news you may have missed over Winter Break.

Episode 12: Most Memorable Muni Memory

We asked the USF community what their most memorable Muni story was. We got some good tales.

Episode 11: Tuition is Going Up. Here’s Why.

The cost of USF is going up next year. Some are confused why. We spoke with Jeff Hamrick, Vice Provost, for Institutional Budget and Analytics, about the reasons why costs…

Episode 10: Gimme the stats! Stat!

Baseball season is just around the corner. Our sports editor Kalan K. Birnie dissects some baseball jargon with Chris Francis.

Episode Nine: The Story Behind the National Scam that Hit the Foghorn

In January 2019, an individual placed an advertisement in the Foghorn, the San Francisco Chronicle and a Chicago-based publication. The ad turned out to be part of a national scam…

Episode Eight: Wacky Rides In Uber or Lyft

We asked the USF community what their craziest or funniest experiences were in an Uber or Lyft. They delivered.

Episode Seven: A Chat with Choi

We discuss sophomore Charles Choi’s inspiration behind his latest film and his involvement in upcoming campus activities board events.

Episode Six: Editing the Opinion Section

We brought Opinion Editor Sarah Hinton on the show to speak about how she edits her section anDescription: We brought Opinion Editor Sarah Hinton on the show to speak about…

Episode Five: The Underground Condom Service at USF

Guest host Gabriel Greschler sits down with staff writer Haley Keizur, who wrote about a secret condom delivery service that just started at USF.

Episode Four: Laying Down the Law with Lara Bazelon

Law professor Lara Bazelon has had a colorful career as a public defendant, writer, and now author of her recently published work “Rectify: The Power of Restorative Justice After Wrongful…

Episode Three: Rocky Horror at USF

Senior Pippa Walton, director of this year’s Rocky Horror Show, sits down with co-host Katie Na to discuss how the USF theater team, the College Players, put on the cult-classic.…