2016 Adjunct Professor Indicted for Trying to Hire a Hit Man

He thought he was hiring a hit man to poison a victim with over 300 units of insulin. The supposed hit man was actually an undercover agent. Johnny Jaramillo – a current USF graduate nursing student and 2016 adjunct professor – was indicted by a federal grand jury on Jan. 26th for using interstate facilities (a cellphone) with the intent to commit murder for hire, as well as for the illegal sale and possession of firearms, according to the U.S. Attorney’s office and reporting by Brianna Calix of the Fresno Bee. If convicted, Jaramillo could face up to 40 years in prison and fines up to $1 million.


As of 2016, Jaramillo was a clinical instructor in USF’s nursing program. This meant that Jaramillo oversaw small groups of nursing students as they shadowed nurses in various health centers in the Bay Area. Clinical instructors check in with students throughout the day and supervise first-time students as they put in IVs or handle other skill-requiring tasks.


Jaramillo first met the undercover agent on Dec. 15 in a Food 4 Less parking lot in Selma, California, according to the criminal complaint filed in the U.S. District Court in the Eastern District of California. Initially, Jaramillo saw the undercover agent to sell three firearms. As the sale progressed, Jaramillo asked the undercover agent to murder a man who he was involved in a labor dispute with. The hearing for the lawsuit was set for Jan. 3, so Jaramillo said the murder needed to happen before then.


Jaramillo told the agent, “I want him disappeared, but he’s got to be out of state, though. He can’t be in California.” Jaramillo suggested that the intended victim be murdered while working a trucking route in Texas. Jaramillo advised the agent to murder the man with 300 units of insulin, even instructing the agent on how to inject the insulin properly. He also told the undercover agent that the man is fat and running around with low blood sugar. When the agent asked Jaramillo if he had the insulin already, Jaramillo said, “I’m going to work on it now.”


Jaramillo agreed to pay the undercover agent in guns and offered money laundering and social security fraud services. Jaramillo ultimately paid the agent with a 9mm gun and around thirteen rounds of live ammunition. Because Jaramillo was not legally allowed to own firearms after a misdemeanor domestic violence charge, he was also charged by the grand federal jury for illegal possession of a firearm. Jaramillo was arrested five days after this exchange.


On Feb. 2, Associate Dean of Graduate Programs and Community Partnerships Wanda J. Borges sent a nursing program-wide email about Jaramillo’s arrest. She said, “[Jaramillo] was placed on suspension and prohibited from campus… As best as we can determine at this time, no USF student, faculty or staff were in danger or at risk.”


Featured Photo: Johnny Jaramillo, current USF nursing graduate and clinical professor as of 2016, tried to hire a hitman to murder someone with over 300 units of insulin. Linkedin


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