Freshmen Feel Welcomed by Go Team

Starting a new school in an entirely different city, sometimes a strange country, may be difficult, but USF and its orientation team have gone above and beyond in joining together students with different backgrounds and cultures and establishing new friendships.

Orientation started sooner than freshmen think. It wasn’t the exact moment of setting foot on campus or the very first planned activity, but instead a different source: the internet. Meeting people and getting acquainted took on a whole new meaning.

This year, the University of San Francisco began a Facebook group for incoming freshmen, and the process started.

Part of the orientation program of USF is to introduce new students to each other, and this aspect, though it may have started out as a way simply to inform or answer questions, has opened the undertaking of future friendships.

All the activities put together by USF are very helpful in breaking boundaries of insecurity and connecting students that would never pick each other out in a crowd and become immediate friends.

From students I met with similar hobbies at the Dons Fair to the neighbors I met at the floor meetings, there were a million opportunities to branch out, introduce myself, and create a brand new bond.

One very convenient aspect is the orientation to your respective major.

After breaking out into categories in your designated school at USF, it is inevitable to meet new people.

These students will potentially be in most of your classes and are looking to gain from college the same thing as you: a new experience.

Just walking into class on the first day and seeing the familiar faces of your colleagues is a rush of happiness and comfort.

A new friend is just one more connection, and you can never have too many of them. How many times have you met a friend of a friend who’s the roommate of that friend who is in your same class? It’s already happened.

Making friends is not difficult, nor is it time-consuming. The orientation team at USF helped everyone in this procedure. Numerous students also enjoyed other events such as the dance and the hypnotist. All of them gave students an opportunity to branch out into other social circles. Without even a week under their belt, they made plenty of new friends that they would be able to just text, give a call or send a message to through Facebook.

On the day of orientation, I can honestly say I knew a handful of students, and my networking already began. The Orientation Team did an excellent job. What’s the best part about this? It’s not over.

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  1. This was an awesome article…sounds like the administration has done a great job orienting incoming freshmen and that USF cares about it’s students.

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