Get Through Finals: A Playlist

The best time of the year is approaching us here at USF! And no, I’m not referring to Christmas, but Finals Week. This is the time for late nights in the library, frantic group projects, and of course the frequent double shot espresso coffee and Red Bull. Many of us, in addition to these healthy lifestyle choices seen throughout finals week, also resort to music as a way to focus, “get in the zone,” and essentially stay awake.  Here is a list of five songs many students listen to around campus to get into the mood (of studying of course), and focus on the papers, books, art projects, or whatever else they need to get done!

1. Apartment – Young the Giant

You can’t help but to nod your head to the beat with this one! While still being mellow enough to study to, but still interesting enough to keep you lively and awake, this is a lyrically beautiful song that’s perfect to listen to while doing some math homework or a project.

2. Higher Ground – TNGHT

If you happen to be a fan of electronic music and study best to instrumentals, this is the song for you. With an infective beat, if it’s super late at night and you need that song to help you push through, this is it!

3. Next – The Weeknd

For R&B lovers, this song’s slow tempo is perfect to listen to when reading or taking notes. With instrumental breaks and Tesfaye’s soothing vocals, it’s a long and calming track that’s guaranteed to help you focus.

4. Wash. – Bon Iver 

For those times when you need to completely tune out everything around you, this song is perfect. It is melodic, smooth, slow, thoughtful, and great for assignments that need your full focus. Listen to this and that A will be guaranteed!

5. Handlebars – Flobots

And finally, a song that’s filled to the brim with angst, energy, and lyrics that make you want to rule the world, Handlebars is guaranteed to help you push through that final moment of that final day of that final final. As one of the most motivating songs of our generation, if this song doesn’t rile you up and get you pumped then at that point it’s officially bedtime.

Take these songs, make your own playlist, and show the world that you plan to end your school year on a fantastic note; good luck!


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