Hidden Study Spots

Midterms are approaching fast. As you walk through the newly-renovated second floor of the library, you quickly become frustrated. Despite the amount of new study spaces added, you still can’t find a place to park yourself for the long haul. Where do you turn for solace in these dark times? The Foghorn’s got your back with five spots to get you ahead of the pack.


Center for Asia Pacific Studies

Photo By Ali DeFazio/Foghorn

Kalmanovitz’s conference rooms are coveted campus real estate, claimed all too quickly. However, there is one place in K-Hall that’s often overlooked: the Center for Asia Pacific Studies. The secluded lounge boasts peaceful views of St. Ignatius, tucked away from hustle and bustle of K-Hall. Coming from the direction of Fromm, do not head for K-Hall’s main entrance. Instead, turn right when you reach the corner of K-Hall by the campus directory. You’ll approach two glass doors, an alternate entrance into K-Hall, and find yourself comfortable couches to lounge as you tackle your stress.


Heritage Reading Room

Photo By Caitlin Mayo/Foghorn

Upon entering Lone Mountain from the first floor, take a right instead of going towards the dorm. Keep going down the hall until you reach a staircase. Take the stairs, but don’t go up an entire floor— your next hidden study spot will be just to your right. This room can be easy to miss with its narrow doorway and heavy doors. Overlooking the Jesuit Loyola House, this room is perfect for talking out class material with its big tables. The chalkboard adds a nice touch if teaching back to others is something that helps you. The Heritage Reading Room also offers a comprehensive exhibit about life at Lone Mountain College before USF acquired the building in 1978, too.


Dorraine Zief Law Library

Photo By Caitlin Mayo/Foghorn

If you’re not down to make the trek up Lone Mountain but still want to get away from main campus, why not try the law library? You don’t have to pursue a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree to access the Dorraine Zief Law Library, located next to the School of Law just across Fulton from main campus. Like Gleeson, you’ll need your One Card to swipe into the library. Make your way through the book stacks of the second floor and claim a desk right by the window— you’ll get a good view of Gleeson library and main campus.


Malloy Hall

Photo By Caitlin Mayo/Foghorn

Though main campus definitely attracts the highest foot traffic, Malloy Hall’s lobby is an underutilized corner that is perfect for early morning study sessions. Another pro is the outdoor terrace. It features earth mosaics and prime sunbathing from behind your laptop screen.


Under Lo Schiavo

Photo By Caitlin Mayo/Foghorn

Couldn’t grab a seat at the table or the couches near the fireplace in the Lo Schiavo lobby? You could still study in Lo Schiavo if you exit the building, walk towards the UC, and turn left to the glass basement floor of Lo Schiavo, right across from the computer science lab. Under Lo Schiavo, you’ll find couches and ottomans against big glass walls that face the walkway under the bridge from UC to Lo Schiavo. It’s perfect for people watching during quick breaks.


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