How Awesome ResLife is.

I don’t like reslife. At all.

Simple as that. Their process to select roommates is not effective. They are not very responsible. And did not plan this years room selection well.

When I was filling out my profile for myusfrooms it was pointless. First of all because me and my friend already knew we wanted to be roommates for next year. And the actual profile we had to fill out was really pointless.

They match roommate compatibility mainly through music taste such as whether you dislike, like, don’t mind, like, country, rock, alternate, classic, rap, jazz music. Really, not all of us listen to music. What about koreanpop, japenese pop, mandarin pop or European music, how are you going to find reasonable roommates for them if music is such a big deal?

Second of all, profile names, why don’t we just use our real names? If we want to be their roommate and do end up rooming with them it would be nice to know their actual names… really. Simple things. I don’t think there are any privacy breaches, because I would much rather know their name or even just their first name rather than tofugirl, browneyegirl247. How usf allows you to select your roommate is simply through a screen name and a percentage of compatibility this profile you filled out of music preference and brief living preferences. How reliable is that? Not very reliable at all.

Secondly, they are not responsible. Why aren’t they responsible? Here’s why. My roommate from last semester wanted to take a year of absence and so I talked to my friend about it and we decided she should move in with me next semester meaning this semester. Although it was our fault to fill out paper work so late because we didn’t really plan for her to move in until really late. When she went to reslife to fill out paper work they told her I already had a roommate assigned. Yet they allowed her to continue to let her fill out paper work. And when I talked to my RA about the situation she told me I would probably get my friend as my roommate. But I did not get my friend as my roommate this semester! They said they never received her paper work. Which is a lie. They were just not organized enough to put her paper work somewhere they won’t lose. And because of their mistake we are the victims to their problems of messiness. That is not acceptable. We did not pay so much money for this school and so much money for housing for such poor service.

This year, by the second night of housing selection my friend who attempted to do housing is currently homeless for next year. She applied for erasmus which is a living and learning community who live in lone mountain, but right now lone mountain is full and when it was my turn to do housing, it was only the second day and all of Phelan, Lone Mountain and Pacific Wing were gone. For girls only. Boys had plenty of rooms available everywhere. What is wrong with reslife? They should really know their numbers and ratio of males and females so they will not have to face this current dilemma many female students are facing – which is homelessness.

So what solutions do I have to offer? First off the solution for the rooming with friend part. They should make their first step optional where we can have a direct request of a certain friend and just ask for their name and USF ID number. This will save us time from filling out this pointless profile and have us up on the market as possible roommates so these poor people stop requesting to be our roommates so that we can reject them. Which will lead them to be roommate less.

Second solution to the housing problem, there are co-ed floors on phelan, just make one of them all girls, and just do more planning and research about male female ratio for housing so they won’t make students homeless.

Really this is not rocket science.

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2 thoughts on “How Awesome ResLife is.

  1. While I haven’t used the new ORL system, I definitely agree with the ineffectiveness of the Office of Residence Life as a whole. My roommate had a very negative experience with ORL in which they bounced her from office to office and only 3 weeks later did she get an answer to her problem. This is the downfall of dealing with a lot of administrative offices at USF- everyone gives you a different answer and no can guarantee a solution or suggestion to your issue. In my roommate’s case, they even lied about her coming to see one of their employees. This kind of unprofessional conduct would never be allowed in a real business, so why is it permissible at USF? Is it because we’re students and we don’t have the option of choosing another office in which to deal with when finding a dorm on campus?

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