How can we make the most out of quarantine?

Try a few of these activities during your free time while quarantining. GRAPHIC BY KATE SAGARA/FOGHORN

Gabriela Lanza

Contributing Writer

With the rapid increase of COVID-19 cases, more and more cities, counties, and states are issuing shelter-in-place orders. Many of us haven’t left our homes except to get essential items and are consequently very bored. So, what do we do now that we have so much time on our hands, and how can we make the most out of this unfortunate situation? Lucky for you, the Foghorn is here to provide a plethora of different tasks and ideas to make social distancing feel not so, well, distanced.

Take this opportunity to focus on yourself. Follow your self-care routines, like making natural face masks, taking bubble baths, or exercising. With self-care also comes hobbies! Brush up on your painting skills, learn to juggle, or practice your “Renegade” dance and become TikTok famous. If your office space or bedroom seems a little messy, take the time to clean your home. If your closet needs a little decluttering, organize your wardrobe and see what you can donate. 

After a productive day, it is also nice to lounge around. Grab some snacks, wrap yourself up in blankets, build a fort, and binge-watch your next series. Do things you’d never thought of doing, and watch a show that sounds interesting. Some show recommendations are “On My Block,” “Locke and Key,” or “All American.” If you’re looking for a movie, Disney is always a good go-to. But if you are not a Netflix-and-actual-chill type of person, YouTube videos by Shane Dawson, David Dobrik, or Jenna Marbles will brighten your day with comedy or have you creating your own conspiracy theories.

We have been built to follow our routines of going to school, work, volunteering, and so on.

Rather than lingering on how awful we think quarantining may be, we must also take this time for family and community.

We can’t deny that we may feel trapped in our homes, so besides filling our to-do lists with activities, there are others that can use our help. No one wants to be cooped up alone, so, if you’re able to, find a furry, feathery, or scaley friend. Not only are we experiencing the difficulties of having to stay at home, but animals are also being affected. Contacting your local shelter to foster or possibly adopt a pet can help these animals feel the love from a potential owner.

If fostering an animal doesn’t seem possible, think about your neighbors and those who are more vulnerable to the virus. If you plan on going to the grocery store and know of an elderly neighbor, offer a hand. If you have neighbors with pets, ask if they need assistance walking their dog or buying supplies. However, you have to remember that older people and those with pre-existing conditions are at a higher risk of becoming severely ill due to the coronavirus, so this might not be ideal in some cases. 

Any action, big or small, makes a difference in situations like these. Take into consideration those who cannot leave their home, your family who are at risk, and yourself. Wipe your kitchen counters and doorknobs, take your shoes off if you happened to go outside, and wash your hands. Be courteous, and stay safe and healthy!


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